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  1. First time grower here.
    I'm still living at home (yeaahh.. kinda sucks) and I wanted to make a stealth grow box to keep in my closet. It's a walk in closet so it's fairly big.
    The reason why I need this to be stealth is because of my land lord. I don't want him smelling anything and noticing anything. I only planned on growing like, one or two, maybe three or four IF possible, but I won't be upset if I can't do that.

    I've tried to compile everything I've read about growing, but the way my mind works, I need it short and simple.

    I found this: Rubbermaid Roughneck Tote: Storage & Organization (it would be the 18 gallon one, so the large one, not the small rectangular one)
    Would this be large enough for about two plants?

    Also, I have no connections anymore.. sadly.. and I'm in the states... and my state has really strict/harsh laws on this type of stuff, even paraphernalia.. what's the best website to order seeds from?
    Preferably if I can order with Cash would be nice. No credit card. :(
  2. here is a similar project[lst].html

    dont use that plastic bin
    take a big ole cardboard box, line it with plastic like a trash bag or whatever, then kevlar (the white back side to wrapping paper) or tin foil. keep the opening flaps lined with plastic too so you can seal it off if you need to keep the smell SUPER confined for small amounts of time. keep lots of air fresheners n shit in the closet the box is in and the doors shut and air fresheners in the room the closet is attached to and you shud be ok with only a couple plants.
  3. Yea that will work. I once did the same kind of grow using a plastic bin less than half that size and I had 4 plants going. I did it in my closet without my parents even knowing (they didn't approve of MJ) lol. I had 2 CFL's. I cut a bunch of 1-2" holes in the sides and put a fan on the outside of one side to push fresh air through and heat out. I lined the inside with reflective material so my box didn't glow. I had a small inexpensive ionizer/ozone generator and put it in my closet. My room smelled fresh like after it rains all throughout veg, flower, and even drying. I put them into flowering at 2 weeks (as soon as i possibly could due to my small space limit). It was my first grow and my most adventurous and innovative. My parents never found out and they even commented how fresh and clean my room smelt. I harvested ~1oz, a 1/4 per plant and I was very happy! ;-)
  4. for sure do not use tin foil. it causes hot spots and will lead to heat damage. go for the white side of wrapping paper, or even the insides of some chip bags are made from a mylar like product that is highly reflective. hope this helps, good luck brogan :smoke:

  5. Could I use computer fans?
    Yeah my Mom doesnt care for MJ at all lol.
    Its my land lord that I dont want knowing.
    Thats why Id use the rubbermaid and just keep it in my closet.
    How much do you think it'll all cost?
    And whats the best website for seeds?
    All I've ever smoked before were mids... and I had dro once.. didnt quite like it though.

  6. Yea, computer fans would be great. I know exactly what you mean. I had a blanket and a couple of other lite items on top of my bin so it blended in yet it was easily accessible.:cool: It should be fairly cheap, just one big CFL or 2 smaller ones, the fan, ionizer/ozone gen and a small box of fertilizer. I used miracle grow at the time because it was cheap and works well with most plants. I've since upgraded but for that size grow, you don't need expensive nutz. I'd say your looking between $75-$200 depending on what you get. The most expensive thing will be the ozone/ionizer ~$50 and a large CFL with reflector if you go that route will cost ~$100. Smaller but good CFL's will cost around $25-$50. More watts = bigger crops but costs more $$. Can't help you with seeds. I saved all of the seeds I've ever found from sacs I got and used those. Never had to buy any...yet. Hope this helps and good luck! :D
  7. Who doesn't like dro lol
  8. never use tin foil, it focuses the light like a laser and burns your leaves, here are some examples of such burns




    I recommend a $5 emergency blanket and hang it loosley, dont tie the bottoms down so it moves slighty from your fan and causes a twinkle effect, this helps light penetration and prevents focusing, check out my grow, its similar in that my biggest concern is the smell, a little noise is easy to cover up

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