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    Hey guys ive been here for a while and figured id share a little hobby with you. I have a few grows under my belt and next time around will be recirculating BB hydroponics so I decided to add one BB to my 4 soil plants for a little expirience. Heres some details.

    Soil: 2 month veg using botonicare pro grow for veg and pro bloom for flower. Seed planted mid of February not sure exact date.

    Hydro:1 month veg using General hydroponics pro, micro, bloom. Seed planted April 14 in folgers coffee can. switched to full 5 gal BB May 10.

    It wount let me upload pics from the bigginnig because they are already in my carbon filter thread but here are som since they went into flower May9.

    NOTE: These two are males for sure, so I took them out of the flower room and into a sepearate closet with 4 CFLS to keep them going so I can collect some pollen. Ill get some pics of flower room here in a minute.

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    Alright so Here are some of the specs.....

    600W MH/HPS Air cooled reflector
    6" Inline fan pulling hot air out
    4" inline fan pulling cool air in
    Floor Fan constantly blowing on plants
    Home made zip up tarp
    Room is 83* day/ 75* night with RH of 45%

    OFF to the goods.

    So pic 2 is a Female:hello: which you can see in 4/5
    Pic 6 is the res for the BB and 4" inline fan pulling air in
    Last pic is the tarp closed showing 6" air ducting pulling air out.

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  3. I see females!:D
  4. Wow its been a while... So I was on vacation for two weeks and got back a few days ago and we have a big change. Pollen was collected and we lost a lady. If you look at the first pic on my last post she was the one on the right. Temps are 78avg and ppms are over 1000. Its now a battle for the grow space who do you think is winning the hydro or soil. If you guessed soil you were absolutly WBONG. Ok now im rambling heres a sneak peak

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