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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Grower89, May 7, 2016.

  1. What's up guys, I'm new here, and am getting pretty close to finishing up my first grow. This run was really an experiment to see how I'd do. using a homemade grow box and 13 cfls. Now that's it's coming to a close it starting to purchase equipment for my next grow round.

    Looking at doing a 600 watt light in a 39"x39"x78" tent. The tent is going into a closet in one of my one of my spare bedrooms, the closet it 6' deep x 57.5" wide. going to be using a 6" 440 cfm centrifugal fan inside the tent hooked to an air cooled hood to cool and exhaust. Gonna use the passive intakes on the tent.

    My question is where should I vent to? I have a window that is about 1.5ft from the doorway of the closet I'm using which was my first idea, however would it be possible to cut a hole in the ceiling in the closet and run the ducting through there? I like option 2 much more just because no one will be able to see anything. Also, the area that I'd be running the duct work is unnaccessable, and the siding outside is slotted right above the area for air flow.

    what do you guys think? Thanks for any help lookin forward to absorbing as much knowledge as I can from you guys.
  2. im doing a closet grow now after switching from cfl to 600w hps. im struggling with the temps but have no outtake fan at the moment so i leave the door open and blow the hot air out into my bedroom with a fan. the temps jumped up alot after introducing the hps, the temps are at 82F now but my outtake fan comes next week so im hoping to get the temps into the 70s
  3. yeah ill def have an outake fan. The closet would get very warm if I closed the door with my cfls in there, so I know I'd struggle with temps without one. I'm really hoping I can route it through the ceiling in the closet just to keep everything hidden.
  4. i have an intake fan running all the time just waiting on my outtake fan now lol may i suggest a few dry runs with your hps before you start your grow. i knew the temps would rise when changing to hps but i didnt think as much as it did. guess my bedroom will be cosy in the winter but summers coming in and it sucks lol
  5. yeah ill def be doing a few trial runs once I get everything set up just to make sure I don't need to adjust anything. I think figuring out where to run my exhaust to is my last variable before getting everything ready to go.
  6. Ok so I'm thinking I am gonna use the ceiling. I can do a 90° bend and should be able to put the end right at the slotted area at the end of the house. should only be about 5ft of ducting maybe less.
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  7. Hi the ceiling option is better as all used air getting out and no one can see. Best option. I go to attic/through ceiling everytime x
  8. Good to hear. stealth is the main reason I wanna do the ceiling. If I do, no one will be able to see from anywhere minus one spot in the house. also would allow me to shut the door without removing my window fitting. I think especially with the slotted side at the top of the outside it'll be ok.
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  9. Yep defo slealth that way love. Sounds good wat ya doin.. ya will av to do a jornal etc wen ya get it set up. Well done too on ya first grow xx
  10. I'll do a journal for sure when my next one gets started up. Gonna be a bit as I wanna wait on my current one to finish up, has probably a few weeks left at least.
  11. Well definalty will keep an eye out for it love.xx

    Happy growing xx
  12. Thanks. You too.
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  13. xxx

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