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    What up GC??:hello:

    Okay so I almost have my seeds (I hope, actually) they should be here next week and I'll have my light in couple of weeks. But I'll be starting the seeds with a couple t-5 floros. Anyway, I've been trying to figure out how in the hell to vent my closet out, I've come up with so many ideas that I just feel lost and would like to hear some other opinions from more experianced growers perhaps. I'd also like to see your closet setup if possible. Also I'm pretty open to anything really, the only things that are not possible is using an attic seeing how my closet isn't below one, BUT I can go underneath my house cause my closet is above a crawl space, so if the helps. Otherwise I'm open to cutting through my walls, the door, or whatever. Oh yeah I can't use central air either. The deminsions of the closet are 46.5"Wx24"Dx88"H. If you need more pics or info just ask...I'd really like to all my ventilation setup before I start my grow, this way I'm not turning it into a construction site as well as trying to keep my plants alive (I'll probably have a hard enough time with that.) Pics are of upper corners just give an idea.

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  2. Yeah I'm working on the pics...

    Okay so here was my latest idea, that was to hook the carbon filter to an electric damper than to a inline blower fan to my light than vented underneath my house. this way I can keep the fan on with the light timer so the two are always on at the same time, but the room won't always be exhausting, than just having a passive intake maybe a hole in the door or at the bottom of my walls. plus I'd only need to buy one fan, although i'm not opposed to having a couple. closets are wack by the way, I shoulda just got a tent.

  3. if you vent it under your house you may not need to spend the money on a carbon filter . idk what the damper would do, would it be not allowing air flow back in when the lights/fan turn off?

    buy the 6 inch 435 cfm fan. and the controle switch. i got mine for 120$ shipped with controle AND fan. great !!!!
    value line brand
  4. oh yeah! i guess if that damper was closed the fan wouldn't be able to pull air through to push through the light...dammit and i thought i was on to something there. Yeah I dunno, I feel like I should have one anyway just as a saftey net. I just don't want the neighbors to smell anything, not that I think they would do anything about it just kind of a respect thing I suppose. Plus you never know.

    I saw the valueline that's a pretty sweet deal...I'm probably gonna buy that one, I'm going to be using a cooltube light so my whole thing was to have a fan on the same timer as the light so it's always cool. Would that even make a difference, or will the cooltube alone keep the temps down

  5. if you buy that fan you should spend the money on a good carbon filter. that fan pulls very hard. my whole grow tent is sucked in on itself and my computer fan that i unpluged, is spinning any way!!!! lots of air being pulled and i am only at 3/4 of the speed it should be at.

    you can make a carbon filter but for this many CFM you might actually restrict instead of creat a high flow carbon filter ya know? i dont think a lady's panty hose can withstand this much pull powa!!! hehehe...

    make sure you buy that fan controle they sell for about 20 bux... its a MUST!!!!!!! its GREAT

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