Closet grow venthilation?

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  1. Hey guys,

    Starting my first grow which will be in my closet, it's about 4x4. I'll be using a 250w MH for veg and a 250w HPS for flower. My question is how do I keep temps down and air ventilating in a closed closet? Will a wall mounted fan in the closet be enough? Maybe open the closet door a couple times a day to air it out? Thanks, I'm lost lol
  2. I grow in my closet. I've got a 400 cfm fan, on a controller (set to half). I exhaust out of the closet. You've got to, especially with 250 watts of MH/HPS.
  3. What do you mean exhaust out of the closet? Like the door has to stay open to allow the fan to pull air out? :confused: thanks for the response, just trying to figure out how I can do it and keep the door closed and locked in case anyone comes in my room. Just having a fan blowing inside the closet wouldn't suffice? Thanks again :wave:
  4. It's a tricky situation. You may be able to get away just keeping the door open and running a fan, however when your plants go into flower you won't be able to keep them in total darkness with the door open. 250W HID light like your using is going to require some ventilation (ie air cooled hood). If you want to go all out, get a nice blower fan (look around on the forum you'll see examples) and cut a hole in the ceiling and run the duct from the fan into the ceiling.
  5. i grow in closet also with a 1000w cooltube... my closet is 4.5ft wideX 2ft deep X 7ft tall.. i took my doors off and put up black and whit poly instead with a zipper so i can easyly get in and out of it. i have a regular box fan up in the top left corner blowing out of the closet and another fan diagonally below it blowing cool air in. i then have the cool tube sucking fresh air from outside my closet, thru my 1000w and then it exhausts the heat in my attic via heater vent in ceiling. i also use a 5000btu air conditioner in the room to help keep temps where i need them... bout 75-82 depends. just make sure can vent the heat out and get fresh air in thats the most important thing..
  6. Damn dude, that's quite the rig lol unfortunately I live in an apartment so no modifications to the ceiling, doors, etc :( I'm also on a budget. Didn't really think this part through well enough
  7. im in a apartment too. no holes or anyhing i just took the duct-work off a vent in that room from my central heat. the hole is already there.... lol u could try just exhausting the heat out of the closet and keep the room the closet is in cool by a window or a air-conditioner. and u shouldnt have to much problems. its all really just trial and error... best of luck!
  8. No way you can run a pair of 250w HIDs locked up in a closet with no ventilation. A fan in the closet will just blow the same hot air around, you need to move that air out to somewhere and replenish from a supply of cool, fresh air.

    Sounds like you are not in a situation to grow right now. Don't try to force a grow into a situation that can't support it, you'll end up with dead plants at best and a burned-down apartment building and your ass busted at worst.
  9. Not running 2 bulbs, one at a time I guess that wasn't clear. I can't be the only person to grow in their closet with a 250w bulb and not put ducts in their ceiling lol. And I certainly never said I was going to do this with zero ventilation, considering my OP was directly asking methods of doing so.. but yeah.
  10. Thanks, the closet's right next to a window and I've looked around on other threads and it looks like I can manage the heat if I'm careful :hello:
  11. Hey glad you found a solution!

    You can use 90 degree turns, or some weird combinations of twisting.
  12. It's not just about the heat. Plants need lots of fresh air to live. Wherever you grow, you have to bring in fresh air and exhaust stale, hot air. I figured that out after my first closet grow where I didn't have ventilation and used the open the door here and there method and ended up with sad scrawny plants which nevertheless stank up the apartment. Plus inadequate fresh air supply air encourages powdery mildew, mites, etc. All the fancy nutes don't mean anything if you don't have air.

  13. Yep, I'm gonna have intake and exhaust with fresh air coming in the window right outside the grow room..

  14. Good idea, I can certainly figure something out

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