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  1. Hey guys just an update an open to ideas and options on bettering my grow.

    What I’m using:

    - Home made 70 point LED light board (unknown wattage will check transformer when I get home)

    - Current 1 month seedlings are in compost (my first uneducated mistake)
    - I have used nitrogen rich fertiliser to try balance out the shitty soil
    - On 1-3 weeks I used banana boiled water to feed them
    - Now On normal water

    - Seedlings planted yesterday are in proper potting mix and N fert mixed in

    My progress
    I originally had 5 seedlings I all potted at week or so apart from each other over the last week I managed to kill 3 off leaving the two ones I have left but since then these two have seem to have flourished but I think it’s due to the fact I was underwater ALL of them and these two were the most established and hung on the longest until I researched and realised I should be feeding them a lot more.

    I have just planted another 2 seeds I have germinated since the 3 I had died.


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  2. @Jarah.e first off, welcome to GC. Glad that you joined us blades here in the artificial world.

    So you are new to growing but decided to experiment on the first go. This isn't really advisable and the results will most likely be disastrous! The common ideology of learning a new task is to follow other examples. Its ok though, since I am also very inquisitive and creative and have had my share of failures. Innate inventors ;)

    I will recommend you to a thread that will make your life easier. Start there.
    Mick's Coco - K.I.S.S. - Scrog Method

    I say this to help you get a few good crops in first, and then you experiment. It will allow you to 'know what's up' before problems arise. You don't need to follow every word of Mick's thread (like skimp out on the smart pots, and the hydroguard, you will be ok), but try the coco/perlite mix as described and also a bag of Maxibloom.

    Good luck with it bud
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