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    Ok so i need something to do between baby'in the plants so i guess ill start a journal.

    i have 2x 36" 30w 4200k fluro and 3x 26w CFL's for now.will add more add needed(possible small hps in the future)

    soil: cant remember the brand, it was some tropical potting soul with some nuits in it for a couple weeks, bag said it was all PH balanced.

    i have a PSU fan setup going for some airflow/strength training.

    i started germinating on jan 27/09. had 5 seeds crack i planted them 3 sprouted on a couple days, i figured the other 2 were dead so i just pulled them from the lights. little to my amazment a 4th started sprouting in the dark so i repotted it in a smalled pot and stuck it under. so as of today i seem to have 4 heathly seedlings growing by the minute.

    well heres some pics of the babies, ill be in and out of here all the time and will update with some pics and stories every couple of days.

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  2. i also switched from 18/6 to 24/0 lighting, seems to be a bit more productive the last 2 days
  3. Good stuff man. I started out with the same light setup not too long ago, and just recently decided to go a little bigger. Now I'm using 8x26W CFL's and the plant is loving it (I'm only growing one). Also those CFL's give off more light on the sides then the end.

    Your setup looks pretty damn good tho. What are the temps/humidity looking like?
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    yea, im gonna get some tools and see bout getting the black reflectors cut off to allow the sides to show. temps have been but 20-25c, 50-55% hum. i just got home from work, temp was up to 28c and hum was droped to 42%, turned my other 2 fans on and misted up the place and left just the sliver sheet hanging over the door. that should get things back to normal.

    your entertainment center is nice
  5. heres some pics from abot 30 mins ago today. watered them just before the pics were taken with bottled water figured it would be a treat from the tap water i have have sitting in the bucket.

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  6. hey awesome growbox!:hello: i myself am about 2 weeks into my most recent grow... TrainWreck!!! yes!!!!:D
  7. quick update of the biggest one, all are growing good.

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  8. well i had some time so i got the bulbs free'd from their muzzles. seems a bit better. planning on transplanting the 2 bigger plants this weekend and a trip to a grow store to pick out some nuits.

    heres the pics today chuggin along nicely.:smoking:

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  9. Spent some money V-day gifts for me and some for the GF. hers are cool(flowers, perfume,chocolate, new issue of cosmo) but thats another story. got some pots and ferts, and a new spray bottle. oh and 2 more bags of soil same stuff i started with.

    transplanted the babies into their new homes should be good till the end now i hope. i put just a pinch(very very very tiny bit) of nuits in the new 500ml bottle. gave them a small misting once i got them settled in there beds.

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  10. I like the fan placement.
  11. i got 3 pc fans in there. i have to rearange them to get all of them blowing on the plants. one of them is growin funny, not sure if there is something wrong with it. will post a pic in a bit.
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    ok the first 2 pics are the smallest one its growing all weird not sure what it is, any ideas?

    the rest are theother three plants, all seemed to take the transplants well overnight and are healthy it seems to be.

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  13. hmm ill have to give her a flush later when i tend. i have to fix the lighting today, its terrible the way everything is set up right now. gonna add a couple more cfl's today too.

  14. Have you hit them with ferts all ready? They do look pretty burnt...
  15. woot finally found some daylight CFL's, i want more thou.

    so im at

    3x softwhite(26w)
    2x daylight cfls(26w)
    2x cool white(30w)

    flushed the little plants with clean water today and rearanged the fans and lights. there are nuits in the soil so hopefully some will have been washed away. i have misted them twice with very small dose of 20-20-20. will watch for the reaction of the flush and possibly do a small flush when its time for a watering.. heres todays pics.

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  16. not sure what i was doing this morning and broke a bulb, went out to get it replaced and end up with an extra 6500K so i added that one in there.

    3x softwhite(26w)
    3x daylight cfls(26w)
    2x cool white(30w)

    total of 216 watts.

    i thinking of trashing the litttle one to have only 3 plants, i think shes gonna die any way. seems the other have perked up since adding the 6500K's last night.

    heres todays pics.

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  17. hey man! nice start! does that one plant have two stems tho!!!!!!! omggggg amazing!
    i wonder if you could split it while it was young and get basically two plants with one root system..
    anyways yeah u dont want to give sprouts nutes AT ALL till about 3wks in or so
    some people go less or more but yeah the little ones cant take it well..
    id let the one weak lookin plant live tho, who knows it might be your only female! haha
    and if you can find a cheap HID floodlight[i got mine for 30bucks 150w HPS] it wires up super cheap/easy and my plant is just eatting up all the lumens

    good luck!
  18. i trashed the little one it was dying, and repotted the other one into the bigger pot. no more stress on the babies gotta leavem alone for a few days or they are never gonna grow.
  19. Today was a snow day, WOOT! ended up cleanup the whole room the closet is in and went nuts and cleaned up the closet too. remounted the floro's and top reflector better to be able to adjust the height adjusted the rest of the lights and fans and got everything down real low. heres the pics :)

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