Closet grow - temp too high - assistance needed

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    So I built my grow area in a small maintenance closet I have at home, added some pictures so you can see, got a small fan on the left, 3 23watt 6500k cfls with DIY reflectors and 1 23 watt 2700k also with the reflector, this is how my setup will be and I will raise the lights as the plant grows.

    Problem is temp in the closet gets to 90-93 with the fan on and door closed. If I open the door it goes down but not by much to maybe 88-89.

    Obviously I can't keep the door open, the closet's height is probably about 8-9 ft if that info helps at all.

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  2. Anyone have any suggestions?
  3. YOu need some sort of air exchange. Cool air in hot air out. How you do that is up to you cut a whole in the door etc. The problem is the closet is most likely insulated in some way and no real atmospheric exchange. Air heats up, hot air circulates and heats up more. Thats why so many of us have ducting, inline fans in the ducts etc.
  4. this is what i figured but since I cant really cut holes in the door or wall is there any other way?
  5. Couldn't you run something almost like a vacuum that would suck the air out, then have something of the opposite that would squirt cool air in?
  6. Sure. Its pretty simple dude. Hot air is being generated and stagnate in that set up. You need to find a way of getting it out or pushing in cool air. I would imagine though most closets are somewhat airtight so your talking about the crack under the door.
  7. I have quite a large crack underneath its about 1.5 inches high and goes along the whole door. What would be a simple way to use this to my advantage and push out existing air and pump in cooler air?
  8. About as far as I can help you dude. My set up is in a grow tent. Easy to control the temp with ducting and fans. I have one 6 inch fan on my HPS Tube light and another pulling out ambient air in the tent. Without Id be in the 90s temp wise with it im in the middle 70s.

    Everyones set up is different now that you know you'll have to go to home depot and figure out the solution.
  9. thanks guys, already figuring stuff out! thanks for the advice

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