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    I'm getting a larger closet as the one i'm using currently can only really house 2 plants  and i'm going to need intake and exaust fans, but the standard hydroponic ones are noisy expensive ect..
    Anybody got any experience with wiring multiple pc fans or something similar into i suppose an ac adapter and using them as intake and exaust fans, not as the only airflow i'll have a couple of oscolating ones as i'll be using probably a 250w and a 400w HPS.
    Does it work to ventilate enough air flow does anybody have any preferences on makes? i'll have pics wednesday, i'm an experienced grower, usually grow outdoors but giving indoors a try now and i'm not to great with electrics

  2. I have never used pc fans, but am tempted to do so because I got so many laying around. Do a little more research before doing this but I believe all you need is a 12volt power supply with the amperage close to what the pc fan needs. 12 volt power supplies are used for alot, you prolly have a few junk ones laying around your house. I am guessing the amperage output is how fast your fan will go to fast you burn up the fan probably...these might be strong enough for a stealth build, but really doubt it would to much in a whole room. Maybe if you have your closet sealed up with PC fans in and out to create some kinda pressure it may do somehing....sounds like alot of trouble to me you would be alot better off to have a hood with a tube and a small duct out the door maybe with an inline fan...just my 2cents but I am an amateur and am curious about ventalation as its a problem I am gonna have to face really soon now I got some real lights goin....where are the computer fan pros? What can these little things do? Thanks!
  3. I've seen it done and it seems to work well enough for small closet grows although mines a little bigger than most, i'm thinking of getting 4 or 16 depending on the size and having 2 intake areas at the bottom and 2 out the top, there quite small 8 inches maximum, which is why i'm thinking of doing more, the only problem would be light leaks if i had to many.
    What i could do it have small pc intake fans on the bottom and a larger intake fan out the top to keeps the lights and temps cool.
  4. PC fans are never going to vent the amount of heat that those two lights will produce, in my opinion. It would take more work than its worth to wire up 15 fans that still won't do the job. Save your time and money and buy a quiet inline fan. Then you can spend your time cooking up a way to dampen the sound - it can be done.
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    Yeah i was more playing with the idea, i've realised they wont be sufficient, looking at larger ventalation fans of the same kind of type now, but will probaly end up getting the larger ones keeping the fan it's self in a cardboard box sort of to insilate the sound with the tubing coming out the sides.
  6. $30 for a 6x6 inline duct fan at Lowes.
  7. Finally got delivered i'll post pics when i get back from work.

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