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  1. I have a 2x7 grow closet with 2 doors, I'm showing just one light up right now on veg that one is the Aglex 2000w Cob with veg and boom switches, also have a Mars Hydro pro 2 160 with the same switches except instead of white cob it's blue led and red for flower.... Anyway I'm thinking about getting a couple of these shop lights for the closet walls to light up under the canopy, also because the Mars Hydro doesn't seem as bright as the Aglex, either way I want to light up under canopy to help with undergrowth/budsites... I'm thinking autos , Godfather OG cause I'm from LA originally and miss the OG KUSH from my city of lost angels!! and would like to grow some purple strain just for kicks maybe gushers or purple punch not sure what purple strain has a nice thc count and decent yield for autos ...just wondering .. would the shop lights hurt if they were under the canopy so close to the plants ? I could just hang the shop lights above if anything... Also the pulley on the bar is only letting me raise the lights to around 3 feet high how should I go about raising them higher since I know I will have to when I start growing ... I could remove the bar and raise them up under the shelf in the closet which is 5 feet is that enough room for my plants not to get burned ??? Sorry for such a long post ,thank you! Any help would be appreciated Screenshot_20230107-051750.jpg Image%20(3).jpg Image%20(1).jpg Image%20(2).jpg Screenshot_20230107-035340.jpg

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  2. Also guys how many plants would I be able to grow under these two lights and maybe a few more of those LEDs in the 2 x 7 space comfortably? I wanted to make it into a perpetual grow but can't figure out how to separate the two spaces without buying new equipment for climate control on both sides

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  3. you have 2000W? With that much, theres not necessarily a limit to the amount of plants, especially in a space that small you probably can't fit that many. Your big problem might be getting the light to spread evenly since the lights look like small square style ones. Like, for example, I grow 6 plants under 600W so you have plenty of power it sounds. I think the 2 main ways people would approach it would be either one big plant you train very meticulously, or you could cram as many pots in there as possible, probably like 4-5 and only grow them really small and do basically no training. It would kinda depend on your situation. For example, are you limited by local laws on plant count? If you can only have 2 plants or something obviously it would be most efficient to grow one big one under each light. I don't think there's a "right" answer, just what works. You could even try doing a grow one style and the next cycle another style, then you could compare the results to see what works.

    As for environment, is it just a closet? If so, if the room its in is generally good you could probably just crack the doors and use a fan. Sometimes I find working with the environment you have is easier than trying to create a perfect one if that makes sense.
  4. Split the space and get 2 flowering spots at 2x2 ft each.
    Split the remaining 3 foot space with a shelf into a small clone zone up high and your prime veg space down low.
    Build a light trap in the vent between them and use your existing climate control for both spaces.

    You could even shelf the Flower space and run 4 shorter plants. Since your limited to only 2 feet of depth the plants will need to be small or well trained.

  5. [​IMG]

    Train them into a Menorah shape.

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