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  1. Closet specs for my grow I'm gonna go pick up a small fan that can clip on and my 400W HPS+MH combo is in the mail so I'll have my BlueBerryXChronic soon started

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  2. these are my supply's I have some tomato fertz and some flower booster for when they get that far and I'm just doing a basic soil grow, I'm going by what a very reliable source tells me,

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  3. this is where my 400WHPS will dangle and bring life to my babies

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  4. here are the dimensions 6 foot high(plus shelf above),2 and a half ft. wide and 6 foot long.

    Any guesses on how many plants I can put in there without going overboard I was thinking mabye like 4 or 5

    any feedback would be great.

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  5. a good tip, would be to run the ballst to another room, what's at each side of the growroom, maybe a cupboard, or something, as the ballast causes a lot of heat problems.......Peace out........Sid
  6. I was gonna put the ballast above my set up cuz there is a shelf on top with enough room, my aunt said to put it up there so it don't get wet, also I may leave the door cracked during lighting to keep the temp down, but i'm not really sure how hot it will get.
  7. remember and check all the temps for a full day or 2 before putting any plants in........Peace out.......Sid
  8. here's a better pic . there is like a 2 ft shelf on top with plenty of room, I was gonna run the ballast up there, do you think it could be a heat problem, and if so what can I do about it?

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  9. should be o.k. up there......Peace out........Sid
  10. I am a closet grower too. My spot is 3x2x7. I get great yeilds...
  11. my light should be in the mail very very soon , I plan on running the HPS light with the 2 fluro bulbs for 24/7 for like 2 or 3 days and get some good temp readings, I'm also considering going hydroponicly but I have no idea how to make anything that advanced, but I'm working at a pet store so I could adjust the PH and what not whenever I needed to because everything will be at hand and very cheap if not free.
  12. 4 plants would be great in that space with soil. you might be able to fit 6, play around with plant count, starting at 4 to see what works best. Your going to need bigger containers to step up to after those pots fill out. See how well 4 square will milkcrates fit, line them with garbage bags and poke holes in bottom.

    Dont even bother with the flo's if you already have 400w of hps in there.

    Are you going to have ventiation blowing out of the box at the top, or just rely on the cracked door?
  13. for my first grow or a while its gonna be the old cracked door method until I can accumilate some money to get a nice system going, another thought was getting a cheap desk fan and clipping it on the top shelf, would that help with the door closed, also if I removed the ventilation above in the attic would that all all the heat to escape into the roof fromt the celing inside the closet, Its just a thought
  14. thats a good idea, throw a fan up blowing into the attic.
  15. do what sid said, and put the ballast in a other room....

    now u can take them flo's and put them in the top shelf, it will work great for seedlings, and cloneing........

    but then i aging i dont know the size of that shelf, but if u got enuff space.. u should think about makeing a seedling, and cloneing section, so u have all year round flowering, and vegging...

  16. I live in an apt, so I can't have a ventilation system that blows the air outdoors.... the neighbors would smell it. I have to rely on the cracked door method in both my main vegging/flowering room and my other vegging/ cloning room. In my vegging/cloning room I use mostly fluro's, they create very little heat. So, I only use one 10 inch oscillation fan in there.

    My main vegging/flowering room is another story. My room is 3x2x7, so I can grow a decent little personal crop in there (usually 3-4 females at per grow, sometimes 5-6. I can't fit anymore than 6 comfortably.) I use a 250 watt HPS in there and temps will get as high as 95 degrees if I didn't ventilate properly. I use 4 diffrent fans placed in different places and different heights. I only have to crack the door a little to keep the temps acceptable (This comes in handy when an unexpeted/unwanted visitor comes unannounced.) These are the fans I use....:

    2 x 4 inch, self standing desk fans, from Staples.
    2 x 8 inch oscillating, clip on desk fans from Staples.

    Here is a pic of the 4 inch fan I use to bring cool air into the room when the door is somewhat closed (If I know no one is gonna' show up, I just leave the door wide open). It may only be a 4 inch fan, but on it's LOW speed it sucks in more air than most 8 inch oscillating fans on HIGH speed...hehehehehe.....:

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  17. I use this 4 inch fan to cool the bulb and to keep the fresh, cool, air circulating towards the top of the room....:

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  18. This is the 8 inch oscillating fan I place between my bulb and the tops of the plants. This allows the bulb to also be cooled and to blow the hot, stagnant, air away from the tops of my plants......:

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  19. And finally, this is the 8 inch oscillating fan Iuse to blow air up and out of the room. So as you can see I have the fans placed at the bottom, middle, and top, of my growroom. Because I live in an apt., I this is they only way to get the room cool without tipping of my neighbors. It works great!!! Hope this was some help to's the last pic....

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  20. Here is a shot of my other growroom. I use it for vegging and cloning, I like to have continual harvests. Granted, it's not a real elaborate setup, but it does a GREAT job!!!! It's actually the bottom portion of my bathroom closet, pretty good size for just vegging and cloning (3x2x3). I could get away with a small SCROG grow in here. As you can see I only need one fan to keep the room at a wonderful 75 degrees when the HPS is going and around 67 degrees when the fluro's are going. The tiles on the bathroom floor seem to leave the room very cool because tile retains no heat.

    I like to use fluoro's for the first 3-4 weeks of their life so they don't get too hot or stressed. After they have been under fluoro's for 3-4 weeks, I switch them over to a 150 watt HPS. This is a way to slowly get them used to the flowering room and my 250 watt HPS I have in their (My main vegging/flowering room is 3x2x7). This also drastically reduces the shock my plants go through by just being put under a 250 HPS after only being under 100 watts of fluoro's.

    I don't have my 150 HPS hanging up in this pic because I am currently starting to veg a new feminised Everest Queen while I am awaiting the arrival of my new Northern Berry beans......

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