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  1. Hi Guys Just Joined ya Community:wave:
    Like To Say A Great Site :hello:
    :devious:Know Lets Get Down To It Im Starting Me New Closet Grow Very Soon its going to be

    5-6ft height
    about 180cm width
    90cm length
    4-5 plants
    Im Going Nft and im going cfl's
    Has any one used envirolites ive heard a few good comments so im thinking to use them red and the blue.But can any one tell me how many 125watt bulb's i should go with. I was thinking 5 (4Blue + 1 Red)
    Maybe fluro's down the sides of my box60watts or something like that or is that overkill.
    Im thinking of an accoustic fan for me heat worry's680m3/hour i Dont think ill be able to stretch for a carbon filter
    Ill Be Using The Advanced Nutes 2-PartFeed Programe

    Any Help You Guys Can Give Me Would Be Great
  2. I hope I posted it in the right place computer's aint my thang
  3. OH Im Going To Try Scrog as well and ill start uploading pic's as soon as i start work on the box for it
  4. how many bulb's?
  5. i was thinking on having 5x125watt envirolites is that to many and maybe some 60watt lights up the sides with a 650m3/hr fan i think it was

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