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    Hello all, i have grown before outdoors and this year i have started to grow indoor. After some misfortune using hydro i decided to go for soil.

    My setup :
    Closet : 90x50x135 (centimeters)
    Mylar coated
    Air : 2x 120mm air intake fans at base(20W, 180cfm)
    1x 120mm exaust fan at top (30W, 246cfm)
    1x 120mm circulation fan at plant base (15w, 150cfm)

    Light : 1x 250w MH(veg), HPS(flower) + cooltube + 1m long exaust tube with 120mm diameter + 1x 92mm fan(12w, 90CFM) + 1x 120mm fan(20w, 180cfm)
    1x 70w HPS on all light time

    Plants: 1x Paradise Seeds Vertigo automatic (6 weeks old, came from previous hydro setup, stunned like hell, 1 out of 15 survived, fking hard water(8.5-9PH))
    5x Grass-o-matic AutoAK (8days old, 4 germinated in 20H and sprouted in another 12h after, 1 germinated in 48h sprouted after 18h after) - very satisfied of them
    3x Barney's Farm Pineapple Express (5 days old, germinated 24h, sprouted 18h later)

    Nutes Week 1 : Roots Excelurator : 0.8ML/1L nute mix
    Super Thrive : 3 drops/1L nute mix
    Canna Bios Flores 2ML/1L nute mix (vertigo only)
    Watering method : 1L nute mix for all plants each 2 days, 1L tap water each other days
    Week 2 : Advanced Nutrients Mother Earth Super Grow Tea 1.3ml/1l nute mix
    Canna Nitrogen 27% 1ML/1L nute mix
    Roots Excelurator : 0.5ML/1L nute mix
    Super Thrive : 2 drops/1L nute mix
    Canna Bios Flores 2ML/1L nute mix (vertigo only)
    Watering method : 1L nute mix for all plants each 2 days, 1L tap water each day, nute mix is sprayed 3 times a day

    next week starting wednesday :
    Advanced Nutrients Mother Earth Super Grow Tea 2ml/1l nute mix
    Canna Nitrogen 27% 1.5ML/1L nute mix
    Roots Excelurator : 0.3ML/1L nute mix
    Super Thrive : 1 drops/1L nute mix
    Canna Bios Flores 3ML/1L nute mix (vertigo only)
    Watering method : 1L nute mix for all plants each 2 days, 1L tap water each day, nute mix is sprayed 3 times a day

    Light cycle : 20H light and air on, 4H light and air off

    Temp : 29* C at light cycle, 26* C at night cycle
    Humidity : 50-65% at light cycle, 80% night cycle

    TODO : tomorrow my CO2 tank arrives, need suggestions abt how to introduce it into my closet grow
    these days my HPS 600W lights will arrive but i dunno if there is a need to introduce it as the temp will scale out of proportion and i think 600W HPS is a bit overkill, this i bought for another plan i have to make another grow enviroment.

    Soon i will also upload pictures upto date.


    THANK YOU!!!

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  2. Looks pretty professional-esque, ya know? Cool man.

    All I can suggest is to move one or both of your intake fans to the top and make them into exhaust fans, either for the entire cabinet/room or for the HID lamps, at least. It seems you have more intake than outtake, and that ain't how you want it to be, ya know?

    Good luck, boss.
  3. 13'th day for AutoAK, 9'th for pineapple express

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  4. yeah, i was thinking to add one more fan to the exaust and see how it does, ty for confirming that.
    Any ideea abt how to integrate the co2 release into the system?
  5. i have just received my co2 tube, can anyone help me and tell me how must i release it?
  6. oke now since day 14 for AutoAK and day 9 for Pineapple express i have started to feed them also Piranha beneficial fungi and the results can be noticed in the pictures.

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  7. looking good man, my cobra auto is on day 19 from planting, its alot smaller than yours! check it out, give me some tips plz, i need em!, look forward to seeing how these turn out,
  8. well, i hope soon you will consider goin to a closet setup, i can help a lot
  9. they look pretty good! nice tight inter-nodal spacing. the close up's of the leaves look like they're slightly asking for some mag. dissolve a tbsp. of epsom salt into a gal. of water. (get a small cup of hot water, and dissolve the epsom salt there first. makes it easier.) as mentioned, get the air-flow situation under control, very important! what do you mean by a co2 tube? how about a pic of the co2 system you have? i wouldn't waste any co2 on your plants while in veg. the difference in growth is negligible, so why waste it? (some will surely disagree with this, lol.)
  10. "dissolve a tbsp. of epsom salt into a gal. of water." you got me lost here, i live in Europe can you please explain into more kind words that phrase?

    TY TY TY

    PS : CO2 tube is 425ML for fish tank

  11. one tbsp. = 15 ml. one gallon = 4 liters. ;) i think! lol...
  12. oke, tbsp. = table spoon, i got it but what is epsom salt?

    Also could u please tell me around what day should i switch to flowering nutes?

  13. people use it to soak their feet. pharmacies have it.
  14. oke, i went to pharmacy and got some epsom salt, just put some water to boil, can you please tell me what exactly does this epsom salt do for my plants?
  15. oke, nice, magnesium is good soo epsom salt for my babies today

  16. Well i must say that i am a heavy tabacco smoker and i think the powerfull intake helps bcuz of high co2 concentration in my room, i must say i'm preety happy with their growth, i don't wanna change much in the closet cuz they seem prety fine to me
  17. don't apply it with hot water. just use a small amount (shot glass) of hot water, and dissolve it in that. then add that to a gallon. it's a quick shot of magnesium.
  18. is oke mate, they already love it, i just used a small glass of hot water to disolve the salt and then mixed it with cold tap water
  19. i'll post some pics tonight to see the difference
  20. how can you tell that they need mag.?:confused:

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