Closet grow help needed for beginner!

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  1. I want to go ahead and get my lights, seeds, and other stuff ordered. I basically want to start growing 1-3 plants in my closet. My question is, can I just simply use some painted white plywood for the sides and leave the top open for my 400w HPS and conversion bulb?? My closet is about 5'x5' and I plan on growing somewhat small - average size strains.

    OR, is it really necessary to build a full blown box that way smell, light, etc can be contained? I would prefer to just put the plants in the closet, but also want it to be an effective place to grow. I'm going to start with some decent seeds so I want to make sure everything is good enough...

    As far as heat, since it is just in my closet and not really in an enclosure this should be ok with a couple of box fans? If necessary, I can leave the closet door open alot of the time for air flow AS LONG AS I CAN KEEP THE SMELL FROM LEAVING MY ROOM USING SOMETHING LIKE THIS:
  2. That bud is gonna smell once you get into flowering. I would highly advise you to get a top. You can still germ and everything, but still you'll need a top.
  3. Bro - using the entire closet is perfectly fine... done alllllllll the time. Very easy to work with - with proper venting (and a carbon scrubber) you can close the door and it looks like a normal closet.... just love em.

    You dont need to do anything to the walls except:

    1 - cut a small round hole for an inline intake fan near the floor
    2 - cut a small round hole for an exhaust fan level'ish with your light. I say level'ish cause your light will go up and down obviously, so ya want the middle.

    Get 2 inline fans - hook em up - duct em, the exhaust going to a carbon scrubber, intake sitting on the floor. Screw in a piece of wood to the ceiling, screw in a couple of hooks and hang your light.... it rocks.

    No reason at all to waste your time building shit - a closet IS a box. :)

  4. Can't I just use something like this for the smell? It seems to work really well according to the post: It would go inside or outside the closet? (i think either one)

    I don't quite follow what you mean by cutting the holes above. What should I cut holes in?? The HPS light unit?
  5. He means your walls.

  6. Hahahaha I read this and picture the OP reading
    and going :eek::eek: cause its not his home... lol... I'm really baked.

    But if you can't just start slicing and dicing your walls apart there are other options. Pictures would be helpful if you can
  7. I will try to get pics up. I don't want holes n my walls/ceiling...1 question, will it b just as effective to have no box (maybe just white sheets inside closet) or would an actual box work better? I just picked up a digi 400w hps light
  8. Ok someone please help! I want to get the supplies and start working tomorrow. Since I have a whole closet to work with I have some options:

    a.) just grow the plants directly in the closest. Light proof the closet and surround the plants by reflective material. Also, need to make sure temp stays ok and can control smell.

    b.) build a small box in the closet. I would want it to be cheap, easy to build, and light. I was thinking of making the frame out of either pvc and covering with foam or/and reflective material. I could alsobuild the box out of foam insulation I found at home depot????? This seems easiesst of all. Just secure all the sides/corners and paint white. Would this work??

    Is it better to just use the closet or build and actual box. which would be better as far as smell and temp control?
  9. The build vs. closet use is not relevent to containg the odor and removing heat. It is where are you going to cut the holes? Seriously. You have to do it right, or you get shit weed or get busted, plain and simple. If you can't give plants proper ventilation, and you can't control the odor the right way, do not even grow. You gotta crack a few eggs, if you want to make an omlet. Gotta cut holes if you wanna grow dope.
  10. so if I have no holes and just vent out the closet, ona fan won't be enough to get ridbof the smell? Will I still need a vent going somewhere like the attic or is something like ona/carbon good enough?
  11. If I don't use attic exhaust, will I be able to get rid of all smell) what's most effective? To scrub air comingbout of closet or build an air tight box in closet and carbon scrub exhaust? Either way I would also use ona in closet or room. Will this get rid of all smells??
  12. Little off topic but i'm new to growing as well, how much stronger is the smell from flowering buds compared to simply smoking inside? Because I smoke inside all the time with no worries.
  13. Doper, It does not disapate like the smoke will. It lingers, and everywhere you go, you will smell like fresh nug. If that is your cologne of choice then by all means. If you are trying to not get busted growing, you should not smoke in general areas of the home anyway. I have a designated "smoking room", and keep a handheld can of Ozium (walmart, with the automotive airfresheners) next to the Des Smk Rm door. If something happens like your neighbor goes fucking berzerk and POPO comes to assist in your evacuation and smells your dope factory, you are getting busted.

    DIYMY, Plain and simple, you need to vent with a carbon filter, and use TIMemister with ozium. It is a glycolized spray, that is EPA approved, and it is lighter than air so it floats around for near 3 hours, sanitizing the air. It is safe for use in schools and food manufacturing plants, so it is safe for you and your plant as well. ONA is safe and good, but not as effective as the ozium mister IMHO. Don't try using just the mister, and not get a filter. The cheap route is the route that fails. There is a minimum amount of money and effort that need to be spent, That amount caps with what provides YOU with the best security for your situation.
    If you are even asking, it must be a security risk.
    Get a good fan and matching carbon filter (I recommend CAN filters), chop holes, run it to the attic, I say holes because you also need an intake for fresh air, don't forget that.
    Not a fan, just passive.
  14. Thank you very much for the post! i will definitely take all precautions on my box. About venting, can't I just vent into my room?? i have read a few posts where people are doing this. i can use a carbon scrubber, ONA, and anything i need in the room. will this kill all the smell without venting outside or in the attic?
  15. it can. and you can vent into YOUR BEDROOM, but you will need an intake. If you are venting to the room, and drawing air from it, you will be running a loop. No good.
  16. I won't be venting to my bedroom...i'll have my box inside my closet and intake and exhaust vents on the box will be in the closet. Will this be ok? i can leave the closet door open if need be as long as smell isn't an issue.
  17. Smell may not be, but are you not concerned about noise?
    You can leave the door open fine, but even this is not going to properly cool everything down, nor will it provide fresh enough air if you intake air and exhaust air into such a tight area. Pulling in from room A and venting into room B is ideal, or vice versa lol. Your bedroom can be A or B, just not best to be both A and B. Regardless you eill need to filter the air with a carbon filter.
  18. Thanks for the reply Don! It kinda put temp into perspective. I will make the temp work if I have to vent into my room. That's not really an issue as long as I control the smell (right now I will build a carbon scrubber when I know what size I need and using an ONA fan system + ona gel) I think that will take care of it. If not, I'll add more stuff to kill smell.

    As far as sound, I never really thought it would get that loud? I guess the fans running would be kinda loud. If I were to make a bubble bucket, how loud would that be?
  19. no louder than a good fish tank i presume. If it is just bubbling then even quieter than my aero cloner, and that is pretty quiet. Fans get noisy but alot of it can be overcome with insulated ducting and an insulated fan box, along with a duct muffler box.
  20. "Doing it Right" doesn't necessarily mean you have to gloryhole your walls. It means you have to use your imagination. I'd advise reading this thread

    in regards to removing odors.

    As far as ventilation is concerned, have some fans inside the box to keep air circulation, and make sure your temps dont get outrageous. A good inline fan at the top of the box and remove the heated air and put it back into your bedroom where you can have a window cracked and the ac going. Passive intake in the bottom of the closet, add a few light traps, and viola, you've covered exhaust, intake, and smell, and you didn't have to drill holes. If you're worried about your room not getting enough fresh air, add a few 2liter bottle CO2 generators. Given your space restrictions, i'd also advise using CFL/LED combos, because HPS and MH lights will create too much heat for you to vent it properly.(Those types of lights in closets are usually why people have to drill holes in the ceiling.)

    Despite popular belief, cannabis is a weed with very few necessities. Meeting those necessities is up to the scope of your imagination in conjunction with the reach of your wallet. Although the former depends a lot on the latter, the former isn't completely restricted by the latter in so far as you're available to invision pragmatic solutions.

    Good luck. :wave:

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