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  1. Hello GC!

    Looking for some advice with creating a barrier from my grow room to the bedroom. The closet is roughly 3.5 x 3x8 and I have a 240 w HLG, with a 6 inch CFM 390 exhaust fan, and a 6 inch hurricane clip on fan for air circulation inside.

    Right now I have garbage bags taped together and then over the door with holes cut into it for the exhaust to run out. It is just two loose sheets of dark plastic and I want to improve upon the seal for flower.

    My idea is to get a sheet of white and black poly and have one side with my exhaust and intake secured and the other side being a flap with velcro to attach to the secure side. What do you think the chances that this will seal my room and prevent smells? I have a carbon filter on the way to connect to the fan but I'm wondering about the flaps.

    Any suggestions for the material type for a door would be welcome!
  2. I can assume you rent the house?
    so go buy another door for the closet
    easy at secondhand or car boot sales for $5.00
    cut the holes to your delight
    as the current door can be used as a table some other place
    and returned to the closet when you move on
    a friend did this and inserted a large vent at the bottom with heat vent out the top

  3. Filter a lot of air and maybe but a negative ion generator for the room. Ion gen's are cheap and work very good
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  4. Where are these 5 dollar doors?? I want one haha I think this would be the ideal way to create a grow room. If I leave enough slack in the ducting leading out of the room do you think I can open and close the door?
  5. Here's a start: used doors | eBay

    The deal being you mount the fans on the door, chop and hack to your delight
    Ducting should not be an issue

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