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Closet grow - CFL, Coco coir, bagseed

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by AskEd, Nov 9, 2009.

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    Well I have goal to grow my own supply, but I have some work to do to get to that point, so it all starts here with an "RnD" grow to make sure I still have my greenthumb, and to test out some new techniques & technologies I haven't used before. I thought it'd be fun to journal and seek advice/input from the great GC community. I'll try not to be too long winded and post lots of quality pics.

    With this being a test run, I'm using some bagseed (schwagg) since my wife won't let me order some real seeds. No problem though, I'll be in Amsterdam here in a few months and will visit a few seed banks. Until then however, it's time to get them a proper home ready!


    * Note: All updates have pics
    Day 00 - Germination ...... Page 1
    Day 10 - First watering after sprouting ..... Page 2
    Day 12 - FIM cut for Linda ..... Page 3
    Day 15 - DIY CO2 added ..... Page 4
    Day 15 - Start Nutes ..... Page 4
    Day 16 - Christy topped ..... Page 5
    Day 21 - Update "Growing Like Weeds" ..... Page 8
    Day 23 - Clones taken ..... Page 8
    Day 24 - Update "12/12 Flower Time" ..... Page 11
    Day 26 - Light proof material ..... Page 12.5
    Day 27 - Update "If you build it, they will come" ..... Page 14
    Day 29 - New hood in the hood ..... Page 14
    Day 31 - Update "Waiting for some sex" ..... Page 16
    Day 33 - ph & Nutrient Availability Chart ..... Page 17
    Day 34 - Update "Yet another scrog" ..... Page 18
    Day 36 - Nut Check Results ..... Page 20
    Day 39 - Update "Peach Fuzz" ..... Page 23
    Day 41 - A fucking hermie! ..... Page 26
    Day 44 - Update "Puberty" ..... Page 27
    Day 48 - Merry Christmas!!!
    Day 49 - Update "First Porn" ..... Page 30
    Day 53 - Update "New Light In Town" (HPS) ..... Page 34
    Day 54 - NOOOOOO!!! ..... Page 35
    Day 54 - Update "Hermied Again" ..... Page 36
    Day 69 - Update "Soliloquy" ..... Page 38

    This test grow has completed, please visit the Coconut Grove for more mayhem


    I need a female or two to play with (LOL), so I'm going to grow these seeds and as soon as I can get some cuts, it's time to flower. I have about 3 plants going, I really hope one turns out female otherwise I start over. Also, I want to see how this coco stuff is for growing.

    Apartment closet (only using a small part for this grow)
    Veg: CFL - 5 x 26w @ 6500k, Flowering: CFL - 3 x 67w @ 2700k * Update - 600w HPS
    Coco/perlite mix

    And on to the pictures...

    This closet is roughly 6' x 3', I'm just using this little nook for this grow, it will let me work on the rest of the closet in the meantime and it's a pretty damn nice grow area!

    Getting some seeds germing

    I made this hood for about $30 (including bulbs), picked up everything at Lowe's one day after work. I forgot to get a plate cover!

    This is my first time using coco coir, been wanting to try it out. It's like a super high grade soil, no smell, and pretty cool to work with. I mixed up a batch of 50% coco & 50% perlite.

    Some dry runs have given me an idea of the heat expectations in there, not too bad. These temps are with no fan blowing or ventilation, closet sealed up good. Note that the high & low displayed are for the closet as well as the "Outside" readings. This is a really cool thermo I picked up for $20, I can keep an eye on temps remotely!
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    DAY 1 - Ground breaking

    Day one was actually yesterday, as soon as I saw some green I moved them into some 1 gal buckets my wife found at the $.99 store. I also picked up a $10 patio watering kit and setup and mini drip system, sure makes watering easier!

    And we're off!




    I'm really excited now, wish me luck on some ladies!!
  3. Hey man you stopped by my journal thought it be time i stopped by yours. Just a question for you does your watering system let the soil dry out so that the roots can get air?
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    Whatup hyper! Thanks for stopping by. I'm thinking about copying your PVC screen idea hehe, next grow maybe...

    Anyway, yeah this mix is super dry. At first I thought it was too dry, that maybe I should have gone 75% coco / 25% perlite because the water seemed to shoot straight through to run off.

    But after close inspection, I have to say this stuff is pretty amazing. It stays evenly moist throughout, and super freaking airy. I pushed my finger about 4 inches deep, it was like pushing your arm into a big box of styrofoam popcorn. The moisture felt the same at the bottom as it does at the top, really nice.

    The water going in is ph'd at 5.8 (no nutes), the run off tests at 5.8, and the coco is naturally 5.8. To me that is just about perfect, and I can see the air/moisture level is about perfect too. The scary part is I have no excuse for fucking this up!

    Pics from today...


    DAY 3 - Waiting patiently...

    I leave the run off in the bottom of the tub, this turns into a wick system basically after a light 1hr drip watering (about 1/2 gallon for all 4 plants)

    Even with the fan blowing directly on it, this coco is moist to the touch on top, yet super airy

    I think I'll name her Linda...
  5. So yea there looking very good make sure you get that soil dry at least every other day.
  6. Right on, thanks man. I'm giving them a break from watering today, usually I give them a little drink when the lights come on.

    I'm really impatient to get on with this grow!
  7. Your grow is on. Shoot my plants have a water cycle i water every other day. the soil has moisture in it to keep them going for the dry day. I didnt let them dry out and my roots grew out of the soil.
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    DAY 6 - YAWN

    Lights: 4 x 26w 6500 @ 18/6 ~~ Nutes: none ~~ ph: 5.8 ~~ rh: 51%

    Well not much going on really, I wasn't going to post any pics until there's something worth showing, but what the hell. I decided to name the plants after porn stars since I don't know the strain or anything like that. Linda looks to have some mutant leaves on set #2, I hope she doesn't have weird growth otherwise I may have to put her down...

    Linda's 2nd set of leaves has me concerned

    Introducing Christy (Canyon), with her big full leaves. This almost has an indica look, very odd for this area. Everything coming across the border here is sativa!

    And Tracy (Lords), this little lady is getting herself in front of the camera early LOL

    Not much to update, got the seedlings on a stem strengthening program with an upgraded fan

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  9. OK, so my main goal of this grow is to flush out a female so I can clone and then try some bigger grow methods - bubble bucket & scrog for example. I'd like to have a test run complete before my trip to Amsterdam where I'll secure some real seeds. I don't want to waste my time & put my emotions through the ringer by risking a male after vegging & LST'ing.

    Anyway, thought I'd share some useful info from Dutch Passion, one of the oldest and most respected seed banks in the Netherlands. According to their research:

    I've implemented what I can so far, like humidity & shorter hours, blue light, but no feeding so far. That will change as Linda (the eldest of the 3) gets her 3rd set of leaves today and the other two are just a few days behind. I have Fox Farms Grow Big, and I'm not sure if that's better than using the Lucas Formula, but looks like feeding will start in the next few days.
  10. Looks like fun, I am watching. As far as the weird leaves, I wouldn't worry. My auto white russian has quite a few asymmetrical leaves, but she looks pretty healthy and growth has been robust, so I don't think it necessarily means you have an issue.
  11. I think your ph is too low and you might be watering a little too much. My buddy does coco and his ph runs higher than yours, slowing bring it up til they look like theyre liking it
  12. Thanks for dropping in! Hambone - Yeah looks like just the 2nd set of leaves were off, set #3 is looking good and the health is about perfect with all the plants.

    GOONie - I think you're right on the ph. So far it hasn't been a problem but nute time is on the way and then it may matter. I was on the fence because I saw some people using 5.8 like with DWC and others using 6.4 like soil. With so much perlite mixed in I figured the lower might be better, but in looking around I think I might go higher this next watering just to be safe.

    So today makes 4 days without watering, the coco is STILL moist to the touch on top. There hasn't been any water in the tub for the pots to suck up in the last two days, so maybe today they will dry out a bit. Although it's moist, it's super airy at the same time. Really cool stuff!

    They are all looking great, not enough change for new pics though. I'll get some up in the next few days.
  13. Hey this has to be the worst time of the whole thing is just vegging. Like when there first grown there cool to watch get bigger but now its just when do i start flowering. And then there will be something to watch again... but where you pick up the soil?
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    Yeah this is driving me nuts waiting around for something to happen! Ah well, soon enough...

    I picked up that coco at my local hydro store. It was around $18 for this bag, not too bad for the quality IMHO, so far I really like it.


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  15. I bet you'll love that CocoGro. I've never used it for cannabis but when I grew some other select herbs they did pretty well. How are the ladies doing today?
  16. nice light setup. I just started my first grow today and need to find some sutable lights for now. My grow journal

  17. Right on, you know I was wondering how this coco would do with herbs & veggies, so I threw some lettuce seeds in a pot and have that growing with the ladies. Harvest in 45 days, same nute req's as weed. If this works good I may set up some t5's & a few pots in the kitchen, fresh salad every week!

    Loading some new pics now...
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    Lights: 4 x 26w 6500 @ 18/6 ~~ Nutes: none ~~ ph: 6.4 ~~ Temps: 74-80 ~~ rh: 51%

    I last watered these babies on day 2, even today the top was still moist but alas the edges started to show some dryness. I took GOONie's advice and raised the water ph up to 6.4, they all seem happy. I fed them 1/2 gallon of plain water but Linda is starting to look hungry.

    The drip emitter system is freaking awesome, it really spreads out the water nicely and evenly and a slow watering alows the medium to feed more efficiently. It took about 45 minutes for the 1/2 gal feeding and I checked the dry edges afterward - nice and moist.

    Looks like her mutant leaves just affected set #2, she's coming along nicely.

    Got branches forming already

    I really think there's some indica in this one. Notice the edge curling up... that look odd to anyone? I'm not too concerned with it but still curious, perhaps from the low ph?

    Awesome inter-nodal length, she should bush out nicely I think.

    And our newest girl...

  19. do you have a link to taht watering system? that does look awesome. Even more important though... what kind of temp gauge and timer do you suggest?
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    The drip system I picked up at Home Depot in the gardening section, I'll get a picture up later but it's a patio watering kit for 10 plants. It was $11, I figured it was worth checking out. Came with tubing, drippers, holders, spigot adapter, and some mounting hardware.

    I rigged up the supply line to one gallon bucket (same type the plants are in) so I manually pour water in the bucket and it gravity feeds the plants.

    Of course I could just hand water the plants, but they are a pain to get to and slow watering is much better anyways, so since this whole grow is experimental I'm playing with that too.

    I have a way to automate the watering process by using a reservoir with a pump & timer, which will be good when I'm on vacation, but before I can automate it I have to have it perfected by hand so I'm taking notes here in prep for automation.

    As for temp gauges & timers - I've never had a problem with the cheap stuff to be honest. If you're in Lowes or something, do a mass check on the thermos - don't get the one that has a different temperature than the other 200 hundred sitting there! For $3 they have a white one with a humidity gauge, works great. I try not to spend more than $5 on a timer unless I need multi day programming, which I have never needed.

    I did splurge on a $20 thermo though, it has a remote sensor so I can keep an eye on the temperature in my closet up to 100 feet away. It also keeps track of the high and low temps for the last 48 hours. I highly recommend that for anyone that wants to feel like a big shot LOL

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