Closet Grow. Bud Pics!!! (:

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by firefire876, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. Three weeks into flowering woooooo :)

    Is it bad that the hairs are so big, but the buds still aren't plump? Wondering if they'll start to bulge as it gets late into flowering....

    Soil grow
    500 W Fluoro
    Organic bone meal
    6.7 pH twice a week

    3 gallons of love daily :smoke:

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  2. well, the lack in plumpness your're talking about it's generaly due to the fact you're not using an HID light.
    It's not really anything you can control as I myself have seen this firsthand.

    and as far as wattage goes, you're talking about ten 42 watt cfls, or those giant motherfuckers that GE puts out that produce as much light as a 100 watt bulb?
    You's on the box "produces the equivalent of 200 watts (actually wattage 70.)"
  3. For three weeks Into flowering I think you're not looking bad! What strain?
  4. What is that things on. Its like those 2 inch hairs are pumped full of stairods, dont forget to to flush :eek: . Best of luck
  5. so ur just using cfls?
    im using a 250 cfl ecogrow light
    and it seems to work just fine are urs comin funny?
  6. Did you mean 3 gallons of water DAILY?!
  7. Give them time they look alright.
  8. I sure hope he dont mean 3 gallons of water daily.
  9. it looks good man.. i have a grow now and i am using 11 23 watt cfls. they are all 100 watt equivalents. i am going into 6 week 12/12 and 4th week of flowering starting tomorrow. i also have white hairs like this but everyday they plump up more and more and youll soon see the hairs change color and start to curl or recede back in to the bud..the best thing to do is scope the trichomes to see where they are at.. clear..not done yet but if they are cloudy or amber then you can a little excited. btw you can get a cheap scope at radio shack for 13 bucks...ok now its up to you at this point if you wanna chop when they are mostly cloudy or if they have some cloudy /amber. all cloudy ...heady sativa type high....more amber ...more of a indica type couchlock high. and make sure to make qwiso or oil outta your trimmings..theres plenty of how to's on that.

    thats all i got..

    ps sorry about the answer to a short question.
  10. so ya can get a good turn out from cfls?
    coz it seemed everyone on here was against them lol
  11. No ones aganist CFLs. There great,inexpensive and will get the job done. Just keep in mind you get what you pay for...
  12. the people that use cfls are getting exactly what we pay for..i dont have room for an MH/HPS and i only grow for myself like alot of other people. dont get me wrong i would love to have 20 plant dwc with 4 lamps..but its not belief is to get as much as possible while only creating a tiny footprint. to me CFL's do the job..i may not get 4 oz of one plant but i would rather have plants going all the time all different strains. variety is the spice of life..
  13. I'm with the guy from the Reply above me. It is true that you get what you pay for and HID lights will get you bigger yields, but CFL's are a miracle for people that can't put the financial investment into metal halide and HPS.

    Or the time investment in all the setup and maintenance....

    Anywayz CFLs prove that it's possible to raise a decent THC level with a good strain, patience and a lot of attention.

    Rainmanush is misinformed though. Even experienced growers on here are supportive of people using CFLs >.>
  14. well its just that i asked what people thought i shud do with my set up and everyone was like get rid of ur cfl lol:S
    so thats why i think people are against them:p
    im glad to hear with proper care and attention cfl plants can be just as nice
    also for some of us its not money or time factors but heat that stops us goin hps/mh
  15. One thing that Ive found to be quite wonderful is a 150W HPS. Cheap(bout $90) puts out hardly any heat and has great penetration through the canopy. I have 2 150W HPS in my grow tent with some 65W CFLs for side lighting, 4 plants and all of them are doin quite well. Just a suggestion so you dont have to break the piggy bank but can still get a quality light that will produce about 16,000 lumens for ya...

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