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  1. Starting this a week into sprout. I'm super new and I'm learning so quickly. I am using an automatic and a normal feminised green crack strain.

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    Set up is decent but overpriced at 449.00 for the 2ft tall version. Light leaks out the back and one flowering bulb came broken. No fan comes with the system, or I didn't get one.

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    Seeds from Single Seed Center, easy quick and discreet. Will def use again.

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    Pictures are a week apart. Today is 7 days since first sight of sprout. She seems leggy.. I didn't have air hitting her at first either. Now I do. Learning as I go so this is a trial plant, that's why I got automatic. Still running 24 hour light on it. Let me know if you guys have questions or suggestions.

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    cool grow box!
    how much light is on the sproutlings?
  3. Hey man.

    Dealzer sells these all in one but if you're going small like this then for sure make your own.

    I'm using the bulbs that came with the set. 60w equivalent for veg and 100w equiv for flower.

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  4. Oh, and it's been 24hr light since sprout on the automatic

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    7th day sprout - gotta fix my fan problem. She seems weak at the stem already. Only one root shot off toward the water. I had too much water in at first, hope that's ok.

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    Starting week 2 - still worried about the weak stem. Anyone have any input?? Also the roots and jumbling up in the net pot and not pushing out...

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    No real update today other than I propped her up. Better fan on it now should be good. Still wish the roots would push out of the mesh pot instead of bunching up.

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