Closet grow attempt #1

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by thegreatlo, Oct 20, 2014.

  1. Ok so here r the facts
    1.Bag seed.
    2.Miracle grow walmart soil..never growin with it again EVER.
    3.Four cfl bulbs. 2x 850lumen,2x1650 lumen. Both 6500k for veg. mist vapo to keep humidity around high 40s with lights on temp moves from low 80 to mid 70s. Space is 4'x2'ish
    5.24/7 Light for 19 days now.
    6.I baking soda and vinegar bomb twice a day usually and have a fan set blowing indirect for air movement when not bombing.
    7. As i said above with the soil i had a big problem about 10 days in to the grow all the soil started going alkaline and it reached the high 7s before i got it back down now. So they got a bit stunted but all in all i think i ddodged the bullet on that.

    Ok so that's just a general overview and here are a ffew pics..i have identified them as indica heavy strains but have no clue the specifics of them so that will be a nice surprize come harvest. I have earlier pics but here are some taken at 19days in soil..enjoy my brothers annd sisters 1413778813802.jpg 1413778842888.jpg
  2. Right on, they look beautiful. What did you do to drop you me ph? I had the same problem. However, the soil I'm using came from some ex-growers who own a nursery and the laboratory test showed the ph at 6.7. The increase in ph was my fault and flushing the buckets took care of the issue.

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  3. Flushed after testing on soil in test pot with same soil i planted in. Took 2 light flushes over the last week with the second just today so the next 3 days should show results...I'm concerned about over watering them a bit but being that they are still in 1 gallon pots I'm transplanting in the next few days so moisture shouldn't be too much of an issue 1413783078139.jpg

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