Closet grow, atm... keep door open for ventilation?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by LookUp, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. TEMPORARY grow spot until I get my growlab and sunlight hps setup in the next 2 weeks... I'm just trying to get the plant started since it's just a bagseed, theres no tellin whats gonna happen. Rather get bad news sooner than later

    2x2x8 closet with not vents, running 4 23 watt CFLs. Mylar on the walls except the door (its white, not even necessary).

    But of course, I have no vents. Can't be drillin holes in walls and doors and shyt. Right outside of the closet is a window though. So I'm wondering, will it be best I just leave the closet door open? Does it matter if the light isn't trapped in? Like I said, in the next two weeks I'll have the proper set up but right now I'd like to get things off the ground.

    atm (at the moment), all i got is the seed in some soil.
  2. my buddy is doing this..... open the closet door to get air.. have a oscilating fan moving air around and when you can use another fan to blow air into your closet... not directly on your plant all the time...this will dry your plant out

    you need to keep cooler temps... if you don't have a temp gauge...if your hot so is your plant... when in doubt keep it cool
  3. Sounds good, preciate it bro
  4. Put a shoe between the door and the jamb and a shoe on the outside to secure it. Granted you dont have curious pets, or like me, a cat that eats pot leaves off your plant, youre a-ok.

    You can also pick up a cheap half slotted/ vented door.


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