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Closet Grow 400 Watt HPS

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Rasta Mon, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. how do i keep it cool
    i've got a fan running but its still getting too hot

    has anyone worked with hydroton medium?
    im used to using soil but i was thinking about trying hydroton
    just wondering if you can do it without having a hydroponic set up
    like just water the plant every couple days
    and how do you get the plants rooted in the hydroton seeing as it is just little balls
    thanks for any help
  2. In my opinion 500 WATT HPS will burn your closet down, but only if you drill lots of lots of holes and add lots of lots of fans on the side of the closet.

    One more thing(which is a general knowladge). HPS is more suited for flowering a plant, not for vegging a plant.

    A small budget plan might be vegging them under CFL light bulbs. You can get them anywhere in any store.

  3. Hydroton is for hydro, soil is for soil. Don't try to mix the two together, they each have their special purpose. You will need a continuous supply of water to the hydroton or it will dry up really quickly.

    If you want to hand water, just do it in soil dude. It's what is made for.
  4. Not sure what the other guys was talking about but HPS > CFL even in vegging.

    But Osh is right you must have some type of intake and exhaust system.
  5. im not too good with building shit (but i've got friends that are)
    i've got a bunch of different supply stores in my town
    what would i need to buy at the store to make it all work

    and also about cfl's
    can you buy a thing at the store that plugs into the wall and you put the bulbs in it and hang it like hps lights
    or do i have to actually set up the electrical with wires and shit
  6. Well I'm not against ya~ I mean you can use all kind of light include HPS, CFL or... um... what is the other one called? I forgot. but eventually it'll be best using a HPS at last.

    Anyways HPS gives more yellow spectrum, and CFL or the one which I forgot it's name gives more blue spetrum. And blue spectrum is good for vegging and yellow spetrum is good for flowering.

    I'm just saying... :eek:

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