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Closet Grow(2 ft 32w Bulbs in soil)

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by stoned_bunny, Apr 5, 2010.

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    OK so i have converted my closet into a grow room inorder to grow 2 clones from a buddy of Skunk #1 and Afghani. today i moved them into bigger pots.

    please look at the pictures and tell me what u think

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  2. They look very healthy. Congrats.
  3. thank you! I cant wait intll there bigger! i well update in a few days or so!
  4. UPDATE!!! i just installed my new light its a 200WCFL by sunleaves! i have it on a 19/5 light cycle!
  5. nice grow, how much does that cfl cost, and where could i get one, i dont like my t-5s and i want to replace it
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    The light i have is called sunleaves comet 200 fluorescent Fixture(google it) and it cost me $139.95 its a nice light perfect for my 3 plants i hope to get at least a 400w HPS for my flowering room!

    this is a pic of the light im useing

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  7. Looking good dude, I can tell now that those plants will be tasty. How old are they?

  8. Nice, they do looked stretched. I bet they fill out with more wattage.
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    the 2 clones are 1day short of 2 weeks old (im going by the day i got them since i dont know when they were cloned)

    i know i should be adding nutrients but i dont know witch ones to use for soil
  10. hey for nutes just use fox farm grow big they are a 6-4-4 i use it in soil and my dwc and it works great for what i need
  11. i was gonna get that should i get the grow big and the big bloom by fox farm

    and about how much would i need for 1 grow would a gal be enough?

    ****PICS SOON*****
  12. shit dude i have the 32 ounce bottle and i have only barely touched it, as i only add like a half cap full everytime i change my dwc's water, but yea i would get that big bloom and see how well it works, my plant loves the grow big
  13. Thanks man! +Rep for sure!
  14. anytime, think you might try somthin other than the soil next time around?
  15. yeah im just doing soil this time around once my clones get big enough to take clones off im going to start up the areoponics system im building
  16. damn aeroponics? im not how enough for all of that, thats why i picked dwc, even if i forget its still gonna be alive
  17. yeah i found a fool proof design to a DIY im writing a journal on it right now ill keep ya posted
  18. im def goin check that one out, i seen on youtube today one of those aero gardens that you set on a counter top, and its all self automated, i was thinking about put like two low ryders in it and seein how that would doo. seeing as its only like 140$ for the whole setup(lights,timers,nutes,pumps,grow mediums) it seems like a bargain and other people have had good luck with them
  19. i have herd that the lights in the areogarden are just barely strong enough to grow the herbs they come with. just what ive herd tho i think they would work great as a cloner
  20. thats what i was thinkin but, i also was thinkin about putting that in a little grow room, because if that light does actually doo the job it would be a pretty trick setup

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