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  1. I am currently in week 3 since germination for my new closet grow. The closet is 2'x3' and I have 1 Oasis, 1 Blueberry and 1 Cotton Candy. I am using a 400W MH/HPS lamp and would like to know how far I should have the lamp from the plants?
  2. Is it a cooled hood, or normal parabolic? You can go as close as 8 to 10 inches with a cooled hood. Without one heat normally dictates, and just use the back of your hand to judge. If it feels warm, your good. Hot, back it off a bit. I ran my 400 at about 15" with normal hood.
  3. Hey CB! Happy to see ya! I have a air cooled hood, I kept the lights 8ish inches above the plants. As things get growin it will be easier to judge, where the light should be. I hope you can post some pic soon.... Im excited to see what you have goin on. mmmm cotton candy
  4. Hey guys thanks for the responses. The hood is just a regular hood but judging from your responses I should move my light closer. Ill post some pics soon as I believe I may have come up with the best stealth closet grow yet.
  5. Best way to judge is by putting your hand under the light where the plant tops are.. if you feel it's warm on your hand, it's most likely too warm for your plants. I always try and keep the tops of the plants <80 degrees F.. it keeps them nice and happy. One thing you could try if you have an extra fan is blowing air under the lamp away. I use a fan to most area between the plant tops and the light and I am able to put my lamp significantly closer by doing this...

    Of course, this works for my ventilation system, and depending on how your ventilation is setup - it may or may not work for you too. Good luck! Love the micro-grows!!
  6. Hey guys again appreciate all the input. Here are some pics to show what I have done for my setup.

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  7. Starting from left to right. The first picture is the adjacent closet where I have the cold air intake located low to the floor to get cooler air. The second pic is the intake from inside the grow closet. The third pic is the exhaust where it is connected to an inline 450 cfm fan that is vented directly outside. The fourth pic is just the ballast, plugs and fans located above the lamp and finally my 3 babie. The largest of the three is the Blueberry, medium plant is the cotton candy and the smallest the Oasis.

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