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  1. Yay
    1 ww popped followed by the super skunk, purple haze, and amnesia haze. Still two more ww and that's 6/6!
    Nice. WP_20141107_06_43_15_Pro.jpg
  2. WP_20141107_12_00_49_Pro.jpg
    Smart pots in. Three fives and three threes. Fives for the auto white widows.

    Switched the lights to 18/6. Four of six sprung.
    1 white widow
    1 purple haze
    1 amnesia haze
    1 super skunk

    2 ww remaining
  3. What's your setup like?
  4. looking good, what kind of LEDs are you running? I have two c-99 plants that I also just popped in organic soil, will update soon. DC growers unite!
  5. Bought 2 cu.ft. Happy Frog. Gonna mix it with the Chesapeake. I can get the Chesapeake for free.
    View attachment 1612161 C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_Untitled.jpg
    Might throw some other stuff in. Coco. Guano. Not sure. Working all weekend so it'll be next week.
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    This is only for your veg stage right? I wouldn't add any extra guano in yet, that potting mix already has some in it. Personally, I would mix that happy frog soil with a little perlite/pumice/rice hulls and some of the compost and then sprinkle a few tables spoons of kelp meal over the top layer and cover that with a thin layer of the happy frog. I'm also a big fan of adding a few earthworms to my soil.
  7. I just read in your setup journal that you planted your seeds in the FFOF soil. I think it might been a little better to plant the seeds in the happy frog and then transplant to the FFOF because that soil is very rich and has a tendency to burn my seedlings.
  8. Nonsense,what do you mean only for my veg stage? You referring to the dirt or to my setup?
    This is my setup for the whole grow.

    Yeah I read that after I started them. I understand the difference now bit it was too late. They look good though.
  9. All six seeds are up. Nice color. No stretching.
  10. Few shots before the lamp turns on. WP_20141108_15_22_11_Pro.jpg
    Superskunk WP_20141108_15_22_22_Pro.jpg
    Amnesia Haze WP_20141108_15_22_30_Pro.jpg
    Purple haze WP_20141108_15_22_37_Pro.jpg
    White widow, three of these WP_20141108_15_23_31_Pro.jpg

    The PH is suspect. Baby leaves have been curled since it popped. Might plant another one.
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    the dirt. i dont really like feeding my young plants too much until a little later in the veg stage, that might just be personal preference though. I don't think the guano will burn your plant or anything, i personally hate it. I use ewc instead. Looks like we both popped our seeds after leaving the voting booth lol. I'm def. subbed into this.
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    Yeah, I'm just gonna mix the Chesapeake with the Happy Frog. Just those two. I don't know much about dirt so I will keep it simple stupid as they say. I'm not moving the autos. Straight into five gallons. I'll replant the others though from a three to a five after the autos finish.
    The purple haze definitely looks different. Blades look reddish purple. Wild.
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    They're starting to love this light.
    I was a little close before but now I'm thinking 36" is the way. WP_20141110_00_19_52_Pro.jpg SupEr SkUnK
  14. Purple haze doing better. More might need a little less light still. WP_20141110_15_52_39_Pro.jpg
  15. WP_20141111_12_46_46_Pro.jpg bought some containers for my smartpots. 2.88$ wallytown. They were sold as dishpans. Fit perfectly. Got a big box of HF on my stoop. Nice. I ordered a 6" fan and filter this morning. Figured id get a nice one and be done. Went with Hyperfan. Haven't seen the plants today yet. Also I bought a soil thermometer for 6$. Was reading 76 yesterday.
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    Putting the auto White Widows in these in a week. I just put straight up happy frog in them.
    I moved things around and moved the seedlings farther from the light. They're all growing more straight.
    I'm at about 4o inches from the light now. WP_20141111_20_25_12_Pro.jpg
  17. very nice, looks like everything is coming along. I might have to take your dishpan idea, watering outside the tent is kinda getting annoying. How has the co2 been working out for you?

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