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  1. not me, bro. not me.
  2. Senses Fail, and a few other emo bands.
  3. I watch the jesrsey shore religiously for some reason even the reruns,its just so entertaining. i also do 2 many smurfs
  4. TMZ.

    Every 10 minutes of watching this I always ask myself "Self, why the hell am I watching this??"

    But I just cant change the channel.
  5. Im a closet masturbator
  6. bush doubleu
  7. the real world

  8. I don't know. It's weird for me. I definitely have withdrawals, some really bad ones. But they just don't bother me that much. Maybe it's because I've been in pretty severe chronic pain 24/7 for the last 3 years but I think I have some tolerance to discomfort. Withdrawals are kind of like having the flu for me; Not fun but not deathly terrible.
  9. I couldn't let myself develop a dependence on a substance simply because I wouldn't want to do that to my body. Is heroin more potent than other opiates like oxycontin? I'd rather do the pills because at least you know what's in it. I tried heroin once and didn't enjoy it at all because the fact that I have no clue of its origin lingered in the back of my head and ruined the experience, but I guess that's probably just me.

    No matter what I have no issue at all with drug use other than marijuana, unlike most stoners that frequent this website. As long as the user understands the risk, then it's no different than sky diving. Nothing irritates me more than all of the childish stoners that spew out the bullshit about how evil alcohol is and how marijuana is the god given herb to heal the world, or whatever stupid shit they think of.

    I closet dislike most of the frequenters of this forum. I find most of the stoners to be irrational and immature, most of them being the same sheeple they think they are not.
  10. closet grower. har har.

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