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  1. What are you a closet fan of? Basically, you're a fan of something on the down low. You don't let nobody know, not even your parents or best friends because you're embarrassed about how they will react once they find out.

    I was once a serious closet fan of anime. Nobody suspected me to be a huge anime geek. Well just the other day I had to "come out the closet" cause my friend went on my computer and found my Tera-byte (1000gb) folder of anime shows. He made a big fucking deal out of it cause I'm black or whatever, lol. I don't care though.
  2. I'm a closet tweek. I act all chill and shit in front of my friends, but I'm really quite ADHD and such.
  3. justin bieber :metal:

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    i'm a black guy and im a closet anime geek 2. also i use to be a closet hardstyle music lover but not anymore i stopped listening to it but i wouldn't mind listening to it again. also im a closet naruto fanboy till i die, but i wont tell anyone other than my gc stoner buddies:smoke: Also lil b the based god is my favorite rapper but i keep that 1 to myself as well.
  5. General Hospital. Seriously, for a soap, it's pretty badass. Mafia, people running from the law, espionage, it really could be a primetime series.
  6. Im a closet video game nerd. I spent $2.5 grand on a gaming laptop
  7. Right now, a closet H user and a serious sex addict (no joke, sometimes even prosties)
  8. I'm a closet.
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    Closet toker. Always debate the effects and benefits of Cannabis versus the use of other drugs but, as of right now, would never let my family know I smoke.
  10. dude. i fucking LOVE general hospital. i'm an 18 year old male, and i watch this show with my mom every single day
  11. I'm a closet elitist.
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    I'm a closet pandora's boxer
    I don't go on any of the other sub forums in the city anymore because it's mostly immature 14-15 year olds
    and i don't tell my friends i spend a good portion of the day reading and posting about the lives of other stoners.
    I also never told anyone I'm a fan of fight clubs but the first rule is not to talk about fight clubs so i guess that's acceptable.

  13. For real man, that whole story arc with DeFranco (dude from Pineapple Express) and Jacks was crazy.

  14. James Franco is in General Hospital?? :D
  15. Haha, yea, it was pretty crazy. He was this psycho artist that killed people and used it for his "art", started stalking this Mafia dude because he admired his work, then killed himself in a pretty climactic scene. I'm tellin ya, General Hospital is not what you would think of when you think of a soap. It's like a mix of 24 and the Sopranos. Actually, it's almost exactly a toned down Sopranos.
  16. There's quite a few things that I have a closet interest of though they aren't all hidden from everyone I know. These are the more hidden ones:

    - Anime. Not quite as hardcore as a 1TB stash, but I don't say it often that I like anime. Too many people foolishly associate anime with cartoons when the subject matter is totally different. This is also an interest regardless of which target audience (shonen, shojo, or seinen). In college I tried joining the club but the crowd didn't interest me at all. Watching it has fallen by the wayside lately, though.

    - Politics. I have some rather radical political ideas. Capitalism and religion have hands in politics that are way too big. Our political parties are two giant high school cliques and America's political view is slanted to the right as a whole. There are some socialist ideas I like but the term gets too much bad press from what's happened in Cuba, Russia, China, and the DPRK. Though unlike most people who are content to simply criticize, I've been contemplating an alternate theory that's also realistic, or so I hope.
  17. Ouch dog, you gotta get off that horse..

    Been 9 months clean of suboxone.

    let me tell you man, that is the way to go when you want to get clean. PM me if you need advice/help man. I know it can feel like your alone.

    Im a closet fan of........WOW

    jk i hate wow......i swear... i really do... :eek: :bolt:
  18. Sailor Moon....
  19. Hentai porn.

    But I think EVERYONE is a closet fan of hentai.

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