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  1. i have been trying to start a little setup in a small closet in my apartment. available room is 6 high, 1 deep and 3 wide. planning on doing 2 plants only. closet is not finished because i need help with putting in a inlet and outlet fan while still keeping closet light proof and somewhat stealthy. i live with a carpenter and an electrician so installation wont be to hard just need the right idea. im planning on putting mylar on all walls and over wires with some slack for moving lights up and down. basically trying to light proof the closet with mylar cuz a lot of light gets out on all side. so what do you guys think i should do?

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  2. You can get weatherstrip cheap at Lowes or Home Depot, comes in all sizes, and a 10' roll is only a couple bucks. I'd use that to seal around your door. For the bottom look into a length of vinyl weatherstrip for the bottom of a door. They have some that's self adhesive, but it will pull loose after a bit, so grab a few 1/2" screws to secure it in place.
  3. Thanks I'm looking into weather strips. I think that will do good with mylaring everything. Still need help with ventilation. Plz help!
  4. Kinda in the same boat. I was thinkin bucket odor nuetralizer could help, after seeing another thread, I was thinkin of runnin exhaust out under the house, because my closet is in my room and I dont want it(the smell) to be noticeable to other peple if they come over. Any thoughts?
  5. Carbon filters would neutralize odor. Idk how much they are or where to get them because odor isn't a prob for me just stupid ventilation. I know I'm not the only one who's ever wanted to do this what have other ppl done. :(

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