Closet Cultivator: Indoor Marijuana Cultivation Made Easy (Paperback)

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  2. What's up everyone.

    First post. Complete n00b. I'm looking for a good book to start. There's another begginner's book here that you all have aproved that I will definitly pick up.

    I will be using a closet space for my first grow so I was wondering if this or another closet-related publication might be of use to me.

    Thanks y'all.
    Stay lifted.
  3. Ed has some great books, i personally prefer Jorge Cervantes stuff he has 3 DVDs and 2 very good books a use for reference (still a beginner also closet grower) like a pastor does a bible. I started with "Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible" By Jorge Cervantes this is an absolute most for beginners imo. here is rapidshare link in rar's 6 parts full color page pdf file hxxp:// i prefer torrents if you can its easier to get at thepiratebay or any torrent site. His new book is great also i like it alot its called Marijuana Grow Basics also can be found on thepiratebay if you have program like utorrent. Here is a rapidshare link if not. 1 klik file hosting: Marijauna%20Grow%20Basics.pdf

    Hope these help you master your garden.
  4. This book is for complete know absolutely nothing beginners. Anyone that knows what a cannabis plant looks like should start elsewhere. I recommend Ed Rosenthal's Marijuana Growers Handbook.
  5. the best books to use are text book like books, because they hold more info and go more in depth
  6. If you go on YouTube you can get all the Jorge Cervantes DVDs for free haha.. I mean you'll have to watch it on YouTube but its there and free, win win for me
  7. Jorge Cervantes is definitely a must have FOR BEGINNERS. It covers the basics of a lot of subject so you know what to search for in depth on the Internet plus it has some pictures that help you understand the text if you're really new like first or second time growing I would skim through it at Barnes & Noble and read up on the topics that apply to your growing situation otherwise go for something more advanced or even just do ALOT Of research on the Internet. But essentially it's a plant so if you give it light and nutrients it will grow
  8. Hey guys been having a look around at all the book recommendations & I have to say there is a TON of info and I find my self rather overwhelmed. I'm looking to do start a very small growbox (pc case) or something close to it. Anyone able to recommend some MUST reads for a small indoor grow ? Thanks a bunch !

  9. This.
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  10. I have those going through them now. Thanks !
  11. Ed Rosenthal,s Closet Cultivator :hello:  is the "Bible" of early growers still up to date & simple.Buy proper soil & Nutrients of the same make first time grow.I still refer to the book soil first "hydro & electricity dont mix" so dont just jump in there Enjoy!

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