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    Hello Grasscity.
    Allow me,before i start, to tell you which is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing in growing cannabis indoor or outdoor: PRIVACY.
    If you have that you can do anything you want. i don't, so please understand my situation.
    1 month before i plant 4 bagseeds and they all germinated. 1 of them was mutant with 4 set of leaves!!!but i had to go away from home for 4 days so i gave water and nutes and when i came back all of them were dead.
    So i started again before 10 days and i put 4 of the same bagseeds in the water but after 1 week nothing happened so put 8 more and only 2 germinated after 2 days.1 was hard to get out of the shell so i tried to help it by breaking it and i crushed the half of it(put it in soil anyway but let's focus on the healthy one).
    SET UP
    pot: 2lt
    medium: organic soil 80% perlite 20%
    area: closet 50cmx50cmx50cm (closet is higher but i'm planing to SCROG/LST)
    lights: 4x23w 6400 cfl about 6000 lumens
    A/C: laptop cooltab (i will add 1 more in later stage)
    water: tablewater
    lights schedule: 24/0 for veg and 12/12 for flower
    fertilizer: mix of 40N-0P-0K and 11N-15P-15K+(15S) that i use for my potatoes
    general info about me: i did grow some cannabis the last years but only 1 was finished (SuperSkunk Automatic from SensiSeeds that gave me about about 50 grams under the same amount of lumens). The others (3 tries) were stopped due some problems i had that time.
    general info about the bagseed: it must be indica and want to see if i will get another mutant plant like the one before. i read that plants with 3 or 4 sets of leaves can produce almost 50% more yield than normal 2 sets of leaves plants.

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    DSC01838.JPG DSC01839.JPG DSC01840.JPG
    Day 2
  3. Day 3
    DSC01842.JPG DSC01844.JPG
  4. Nice and clean man, I like it.
  5. Subbed and rate. Let's see where this journey goes!  :smoking:
  6. Day 4
    Temp 27C/80F DSC01846.JPG
    DSC01847.JPG this is for later
    plant is looking good so far .just have to wait some days more.time to read about scrog and lst.
    maybe these days i will try to make or find a screen.
  7. Day 5
    another set of leaves are growing.  :smoke:
    the only bad thing is that my laptop has a problem and i have no money to fix it. 
    so if you see no updates here you will know what happened.
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    Hi all and happy new year.
    i'm glad to be back and I will continue this topic.
    The temperature is 27C/80F some days a bit higher and during night it drops at 25C
    here are some photos... enjoy.
    Day 6
    DSC01850.JPG DSC01851.JPG
  9. Day 10
    DSC01856.JPG DSC01858.JPG
    Day 11
    DSC01859.JPG DSC01860.JPG
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    Day 12
    DSC01861.JPG DSC01862.JPG
    Day 13
    DSC01863.JPG DSC01864.JPG
    I will give some nuts tomorrow and later this week I will start LST.
    I just wanted to know if this plant is a sativa or indica strain.
    It looks like indica in my opinion.
  11. It looks more indica to me as well. Maybe indica dominant hybrid?
  12. Looks perfect. Probably a hybrid.
  13. Hello everyone.
    Today my plant is 2 weeks old and it's time to feed it.
    1 tea spoon of N40-P0-K0 and 1 tea spoon of N11-P15-K15(S15) in 400ml of table water. I gave 200ml of the mix and the rest in 3-4 days.
    Day 14
    yesterday when I woke up the biggest leaves where pointing up and they got burned but the damage was small.I lowered the pot at 15cm from the lights because I want to stretch up a bit.
    the stem is getting bigger and tougher and maybe it will be hard to lst.
    I will tie the base and try to bent it tomorrow to see if manage to do this.
    First time I lst a plant and I want to ask anyone with more experience if it's good time to bent it now.
    the other concern I have is if I grow a female or a male plant but only time can answer this question. :)
  14. Now is a perfect time to lst the later the harder its is because of stem strength u have it plenty of time to establish some roots so u shouldn't rip it out the ground when u bend it over just keep up on it she will perk up quick Sent from my SCH-I110 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  15. jailbait check this out...
    DSC01869.JPG DSC01870.JPG DSC01871.JPG
    i think this is the best bend i can do...
  16. For now ya then as soon as she starches a little pull in down againSent from my SCH-I110 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  17. Day 15
    DSC01872.JPG DSC01873.JPG DSC01874.JPG
    as you can see i got a problem. all the edges of the leaves are brown and even the new leaves start to brown also.
    i believe it's potassium or magnesium deficiency.if i'm right should i double the fertilizer's dose?or leave it for a week to see what will happen?
    if a plant get stressed to much the symptons are slow growth and not leaves problem right?
    experienced advice is what i need.
  18. Flush with no nutrients so cuz its probably lockout not deficiencies this early in the grow And what kind of soil are u using again It could be hot soil to begin with Sent from my SCH-I110 using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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