closet area for grow room, sog?

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  1. I have this closet area now.

    So I was thinking about Sog method. I probably have 2 feet in depth, 4 or 5 feet for width, and 5 feet for height. Thinkin about growing white russian, and a purple strain, 5 of each. and this will be my first grow. I started a bagseed plant, but now that Ihave a closet, im just going to kill the plant or plany it outside and see if it grows or not, not worried about it.

    i was thinking 3 gallon buckets, and growing 10 plants. has the 400w hps bulb with the reflector ( p.s - thats the ballast right, the 90 dollars covers everything to plug the lamp in a house poweroutlet right?) I was going to get 2 so I was running 800w on the 10 plants. Flowering them 3 weeks into veg. Would 300w of flouro work for the veg. period of 10 plants, or should I just run one 400w hps then the 800w during flowering?

    Any advise helps tons.
  2. Ya, the 90 includes the ballast. Everything sounds good, but if I had the hps I'd use it unless heat is an issue. Just go hps all the way through and not worry about buying flouros. Unless you wanna start cloning.
  3. How much light with flouro's should I use, cuz I was going to clone. I was going to have the closet seperated into 3 sections. Like a T chart. The top will be for seedlings and clones, the bottom left was going to be for one mother plant, and the bottom right was going to be for the veg and flowering of the clones and seedlings. But then that takes away from the amount of plants I can grow. But then again, I havent busted out the tape measure so I dont know exactly how many square feet I have.

    And for a high quality plant like white russian and a good purple strain, what type of soil should I be using? I think I saw somewhere that soil for tomatoes was good, and fertalizer for tomato's, but I really dont know what soil and fert i should get.

    And another quick question, when the plants get 12 inches, is that when I should switch from 24/0 flouro to one hps bulb on a 18/6 then veg them for 3 weeks and flower with 12/12? Or is there a certain time during veg when you know to switch it over. And is forcing a plant to flower just turning the light scedule to 12/12 whenever you want?

    Sorry for all the newb questions, Im just stoked to get this started.
  4. For the clones, I have 92 watts of cfl's on 2 clones and they are doing fine. No stretching or anything.

    No idea on the soil. I use bubble buckets.

    Personally, I switch from flouros to hps when they are between the second and third node. Works ok for me.

    Flower whenever you want, but its best to wait for alternating nodes. That means they are sexually mature and are ready for flowering.

    Good luck
  5. Sweet, I can just run this 150w cfl for the seedlings and clones. Then use the 400w hps for veg and when they get mature turn on the other 400w hps. This should give me pretty good buds right?I mean, here in the twin cities, minnesota... northern lights is a real good nug to get your hands on..and its 50 an eighth easy. Good nugs, and sometimes I'll run across some good purple and its 60 an eighth. I want to grow some good white russian and a good strain of purple(still undecided yet, looking around) and make some buds worth 50-60 an eighth around here, and get rid of it for 40 an eighth. I figure a lot of people will be very happy if I can achieve that goal. oh, and When you say alternating nodes, do you mean the branches are sticking out in different directions?
  6. Bump, cuz I have another question. 10 plants is going to stink a lot, i know that...i heard of people buying those 50 dollar air purifiers from home depot..the standing ones. I was thinking about getting one. Will that do the trick? or will I have to run 2?

    p.s - the closet is in a bedroom on the 8th floor of an apartment complex...with a window.
  7. The best soil to get is some kind of potting soil WITHOUT NUTRIENTS already added. This is very important. Try to stay away from Miricle Grow, Scotts or Shults. They all make potting soil with lots of nutrients which is bad for maryjane plus all of them have terrible drainage. Vegetable fertilizer should work fine though.

    If that air purifier is something like the Ionic Breeze or anything similar STAY AWAY and save your money! Those things are a scam. Get yourself a good carbon filter or make one (there is a thread here for doing that) or get an 03 Ozone filter and that will solve the smell problem.

    The best thing would be to go the HPS all the way through on 18/6. When the plant is 12 inches or has alternating nodes (meaning the fan leaves are connected to the stem in a staggered pattern, not even) then you can force flower with 12/12. You may be able to get the plants mature enough for this by 3 weeks if you use the HPS.
  8. does anybody know what the best method for odor control would be for this type of a closet?

    There are two doors ( one is open, slid to the right ) , and the both move all the way over to the other side. I really cant do a carbon filter, because i dont think we can cut holes in the wood, cuz I would just do that. Or am I just going to have to cut holes into the doors? Unless a c03 ozone filter can be in the closet witht he closet open and fan blowing the air around....Wait, is it unhealthy to sleep in a room that has an ozone filter in it, if it has been tunred off for a while. Because, doesnt the plants only smell when the lights are on?

    and for a size closet like that, hwo many cubic feet per minute are going to need to be circulating? i figure the closet is, 6wx3dx8h so there are 144 cubic feet at the most, and thats probably over shooting it. Do I want 144 cfm? or more?
  9. I think you can fit more than 10 SOG plants in there, since according to granpa's grow guide you flower them at 8-10" if i remember correctly. And in 1.5gallon pots, you should have plenty of room for more than 10. I would grow the 10, pick out some females and keep them as mother plants. That way you dont gotta deal with worrying about males.
  10. Actually, I only want to do 10 - 15 because I want to put them in 3-5 gallon buckets. Not 1.5 gallon buckets. I want to give the roots more room to grow, thus, the plant being bigger, thus , more yeild. Id rather have 10 plants with high yeild, then 25 with low.
  11. I don't think you're going to be able to fit that many plants in buckets that big under the light...
  12. And i dont think that your trying to do SOG, your just growing the plants as big as possable without outgrowing the closet. SOG is when you make a small plant thats pretty much just 1 cola, and you have a lot of them so you end up maximizing your space. but it seems like a good plan you got there, best i can say is good luck :)
  13. What do you mean 1 cola? Ive never even heard that before. And, if I were to put plants in 1.5 gallon buckets, would I keep them in there for their for the whole process? even flowering? and how much does that effect the yeild of the plants, as opposed to 3 gallon buckets.
  14. If you are going to use that big of a pot and that many plants then you will need to get two 400 watt lights; the one 400 watt light for 10-15 plants won't cut it. If you are doing SOG just go with the 1.5 gallon. The whole point of SOG is to grow more small plants 8-10 inches tall when flowering like Goosie said. I don't think yeild will be that different when using a 1.5 gallon as opposed to a 3 gallon in this case.

    As for the Ozone filter you are partially correct. They MIGHT be unhealthy. If your room is large and the filter is inside the closet with the door closed, you will probably be ok because 03 dissapates quickly in a room. I have had my 03 filter for a couple of years now and I only use it when I expect company for instance. I have not noticed any respiratory problems (which could be a possible side effect) and I even have slight asthma. If you have a problem with it after you have purchased it, you can always tell the place where you bought it and they will most likely take it back. Here is a link to where I bought mine and it does work very very well.

    Generator is towards the bottom of the page. It is better than the one I bought 2-3 years ago because mibne does not have the negative Ion selection.
  15. Yeah, I already planned on getting two 400s. and using one for preflowering, and 2 during flowering. and if the yeild wont be that different, then Ill just go with the 1.5 gallons, thanks for that info. You just helped me grow more weed! :) ha

    And the generator that i saw was the J one. thats like 85 bucks, and a 15 dollar filter...thats what I need right? and how long does a filter usually last?
  16. He meant that you will need to use both lights side by side during veg growth to fit that many larger buckets with plants under the light. The whole point of sea of green (SOG) is growing many tightly packed together plants only about only to about 10 or 12 inches, which will give you a somewhat smaller yield, but it takes much less time . Basically you quickly grow many small plants that have a low yield per plant, but since you are using so many plants you make up for it and it takes less time. The top cola is the main bud at the top of the plant, and when you grow very small plants this is the only bud that will really produce much, because the plants have not developed much below that & since they're tighly packed together, you have a canopy of really only the very tops of each plant below the lights. We were saying that we think you didn't know exactly what SOG was, and it seems that you don't want to do SOG, which is perfectly fine if you have time and you're patient, because bigger plants will produce more bud. However, the size of buckets you wanted to use are much too big to have as many plants as you wanted all packed together under the light. You would soon realize that when you started trying to put 10-15 five gallon buckets under the area of one light. The buckets take up more space than you think. However, with only a few plants (assuming they're female) in 5 gal buckets, you can yield a very large amount if you let them grow large and properly train them with tying down the stem and branches with strings to expose them to light, or using a screen above the plant that you use for the same purpose. What it sounded like you wanted to do and what SOG means are two two different things. If I were you I would put both of your 400 watt lights next to each other and grow the plants in small containers first, and starting out growing a SOG, and then trigger flowering early so that you can tell the sex of the plants and remove your males, and then from then on turn the light cycle back to constant or 18/6 to revert the plants back to veg growth stop and stop doing the SOG method and transplant your females into bigger pots and let them get bigger and train them. However, if you end up with many females, the advantage of SOG is that it is fast. Although you get less bud, it takes a lot less time and you can continually harvest if you keep growing plants in one area with one 400watt light and at the same time flowering plants in a different area with the other 400watt light. In the end, it will all be your decision though, so do what you are most comfortable with. Hopefully this helped you understand a little bit better.
  17. yeah, i was confused about the SOG. thanks for clearing that up for me. That isnt what I wanted to do...but its sounding like a really good idea. however, my main concern is the yeild. I need to yeild a lot sort of. But I do want it fast. I would like to harvest as often as possible. so SOG sound like the way to go. but, given the amount of room I have, how many plants am I talking about growing? and being as its going to be the SOG method now for should I go about the lighting. Still the two 400s in different places, or both over all the plants all the time? And would it be a good idea, if Im doing have a sepperate area for clones? and other seedlings? I would like to harvest every 2 weeks, i know that will take a while to achieve...but I would like to harvest as many plants as possible every two weeks, or as quick as possible, let me know guys. thanks a lot for all the info.
  18. well for the first grow I would go ahead and use both lights since you don't have anything to flower yet, then when the plants are about half their age i'd start some more seeds or clones maybe that way as soon as you're ready to flower you can move one of the lights to a different area to flower your mature plants and use the other light to keep growing your newly started plants.
  19. thanks a lot for all the info guys, really.

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