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Closest Encounter Story

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DankNikes, May 15, 2011.

  1. Alright, im sure we have all had those moments where you just thank god you made it out of a bad situation.

    -One of my closest ones was when i had weed in an empty deodorant stick and i ended up going to the movies that night. I dont remember what movie we watched but sometime during that, the deodorant stick slipped out of my pocket and i didnt realize until we walked to the mall and it almost closed. I ran back to the movies and told the service desk that i left something in there. He asked me what it was and i said it was a stick of deodorant (i was a little panic-y) he looked at me weird and told me they cleaned out the theater but i could still look. i ran into the theater and reached through a bunch of popcorn and garbage on the floor until i found it while a bunch of 12 year olds laughed at me. SOO relieved when i found it
  2. well this was a pretty close encounter and one of luckiest days of my life

    so it was half day in High school me and a friend go smoke a couple of bowls while

    sitting on this cement wall shit or w/e then after we finish it we go in opposite

    direction for some reason i forgot then we turned back around and went down

    path of place we smoked up at and we see cop drive past had it in my head that

    someone called cops saying we we're smoking weed and he was there to check

    it out but since we werent still doing it at the time he just kept on going but

    that isnt the close encounter im referring to it was when i met up with a

    different friend who decided to skip and we just went around keying the shit

    out of peoples cars which was as an asshole thing to do looking back so we're

    in this parking lot and my friends scratching a fucking mural or some shit on

    this persons car she looks out the window and says "you little fucks, you little

    fucks" so im running the fuck away and my friend is following behind when

    we hide in this little stair case going down into a door, we remove our

    sweatshirts and wait a few mins then take different route back to school which

    is where that woman saw my friend keying her car at so we see cop car go

    right past us im like fuck "should we run" being all paranoid cause i was high

    he was like na we good so we sneak back onto campus and thought we were

    safe and right when we're crossing road cop car pulls up and waves my friend

    over im like sike trying to pretend i didnt see shit but my friend calls me over

    and im like fuck should i book it right here or not but i decided not to and we

    talk to police man he starts asking questions saying he saw 2 boys fitting our

    description in dark clothing who keyed the womans car i was like "uhh blue

    blue isnt really a dark color" while being paranoid as fuck since i had some

    green in my backpack was thinking about just coming out and telling truth

    thinking he'd let us go or w/e and my friend says we went to store and i was

    like yeah class is just starting so he lets us go and we never see him again and i

    was paranoid for rest of day but when i was walking home found 40 bucks was

    like wtf then since i was still fucking paranoid started running with that shit

    thinking someone would see me pick it up and try to make me give it back. So yea thats my story my bad for making it so long
  3. wall of text ~~~~.~~~~
  4. yea fuck thats what i was worried about spaced that shit out though
  5. Strong paragraph use.
  6. Ill just give you the cliff notes

    -got pulled over, me and a friend got caught with a pipe.

    -skipped court for a concert

    -came back

    -Got stopped again when we were stuck behind a parked train taking friends gf to work. Friend gets the idea of writing on it with window chalk

    -we hear some yelling, so we bolt

    -man yelling had a gun pulled. Off duty sheriff doing security work

    -calls in local PD

    -friends robbed a church a few weeks earlier

    -about 7 cop cars pull up with canines.

    -I decline search to off duty, and local.

    -friend points out weed that dropped on the ground

    -they search, find a bit more weed

    -They have us standing there for about 20 min

    -friends gf didnt have id.

    -My car is manual, they ask her if she can drive it. (remember me and my friend had warrants out on us)

    -they drop key phrases like theft and shit

    -They let us go.

    -That quick.

    -off duty is pissed, tells us if it was him, we would go to jail

    -drive off, find a pipe in drivers side door and roaches in the ash tray
  7. Holy shit, you guys need to learn how to summarize. I can't focus to read any of that shit :smoke:
  8. Is it just me or is mushroom's cliff notes just as long?
  9. sophomore year, skipping after a firedrill in the woods with 4 grams on me
    principal comes down and walks us up to the SRO office and watches me constantly so i cant ditch anything but its in my shorts under my jeans so im like pffffffffft you got nothinnnnn

    and the SRO was kinda really cool with me because i was like him when he was my age and he had already given me charges

    got searched weed got squeezed he asked if i had shorts i said no and i was told to sit down and go to my bus after the bell rang. lol
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    When I was about 15 years old, I was chilling in my kitchen smoking out of a pipe I had just made earlier that day. When I was done, I went to find a good place to stash the pipe. I walked into my room and saw from out my window that my dad had just gotten home. So I ran outside and threw it behind my house. Then my dad walks in and goes into the kitchen where I had completely forgotten to put away three lighters that were sitting plainly out in the open. They always got on me about using lighters cause I was (still am ;)) a pyro. I never really did anything dangerous that would burn the house down, but they always freaked. He didn't even notice the lighters and I put them back. I was SOOO lucky that time.
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    lol bye
  12. When I "WAS." That was several years ago. That whole "earlier today" thing...simple typo. That's what I get for trying to write a story when I'm high. :D
  13. we were camping. it was my first time smoking. a few other people were doing robotussin and this other cough medicine (not exactly sure what it was called.) next morning, a friend overdosed from it and had a seizure. we called 911, when the paramedics took him away (he's okay now, btw!), they asked us what we had. we admitted to having the cough syrup and weed; they told my friend he was under arrest for possession, but when they found the weed there was barely any left so they just threw his piece in the woods and didn't arrest him.
    at the time i was still seventeen (my 18th birthday was literally a week away) so they called my parents and told them about the weed.
  14. ohh closest not closet, that makes more sense
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  15. one time my friend smoked a joint super quick between classes. he was down to nearly a roach and started coughing pretty hard, ended up swallowing smoke.
    walks into class late, sits down. as soon as the teacher turns around, he burps out this huge cloud of smoke lol. he just waved his arms around trying to dissipate it. luckily the teacher didnt notice.
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    omg this had me rofl for like a solid 5 min

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