Closest call of my life...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by telluride toker, Jan 9, 2004.

  1. This little tale takes place when I was just a wee lad of 16. I had just started smoking a couple of years ago and I was still young enough to make stupid descisions. (Hell, I still am.) Anyway, here's the story:

    I'm laying in bed with inscence burning and my window open. My door is unlocked an my parents are probably ten feet away. I don't know WHY I thought this was a good idea. I take a hit from a glass pipe and my mom walks in. My lungs are filled to the brim with smoke at this point, so I'm holding my breath and hoping she'll leave soon.
    "Phone call." she says.
    I squeak out a "Thanks" and hope too much smoke didn't come out when I said it. My pipe was laying next to me in plain view. I took the phone, my mom walked out and closed the door behind her.

    I don't know what brought up that memory, but it was stupid enough that I thought I should share it with you all.
  2. damn man thats crazy...the closest call of my life was in my dorm room, i just got finished smokin a bowl and i go out into the hall and theres a cop walking towards i close my door, smile as i walk past and duck into the was crazy
  3. That's nuts, good job on getting away with it though. :D
  4. that's absolutely insane, man! hehehe
  5. made me nervous just reading it

    will you be writing a sequal? Tales from the smoker tv series?
    can i produce it? am i getting ahead of myself?

    scary stuff tho
  6. Man I don't see how you did it. I bow down to you.. Good Job
  7. holy sweet jesus, you must have been shittin bricks when that happend! wow ur one lucky fella my friend, im glad u didnt get caught so you can kep enjoying the sweet MJ :) i just hope to god nothing like that ever happens to me..
  8. One time I was using my dads bong while he was at work and somehow I ended up nocking it with my hand and it spiraled in the air and sprayed bong water eeverywhere. In the midst of cleaning up I notice all of the resin in the water and all over and being as I was out of weed I decided not to waste them and began picking them up and scraping them into the bowl. About halfway through this procedure I hear the garage door open. I was overcome with that feeling of impending doom. Mu face got all hot and I started freaking out. He was already in the garage and I was upstairs with his empty bong,bowl full of resinand all, and I somehow had to clean up the good half inch of dirtyass bongwater covering the whole bathroom floor fill up the bong remove the resin from the bowl and some how get past him and sneak into the garage all with bong in hand. I'm sure I don't have to tell you I wqas shitting bricks.

    So I flung all the resin out into the toilet, soaked up all of the water with an old towel and put in my garbage and tied up the bag. Then I set the bong beside the counter and went down stairs. I didn't know what the fuck I was gonna do. But I kept cool and made conversation with him. And thank god he had to take a shit and we have lots of bathrooms. The second he shut the door to the downstairs bathroom I bolted upstairs filled up the bong in the bathtub grabbed the garbage bag ran downstairs into the garage put the bong back then I quietly snuck out the back door to the outside garbage cans and disposed of the evidence.

    That was one of the closer calls I've had.
  9. Another time I had a friend of mine pick me up from school before class started and we drove down the streeet to smoke some bowls. My pipe had just gotten stolen so we were parked under this bridge using a pop can. We spilled a bunch of shake on the seat and were joking about getting pulle over and getting busted for the little leaves. Right after we finished smoking i smooshed the can alittle and tossed it right outside my window. me friend lit a cig and just then a cop pulled in behind us. I was freaking out because the cops in my town all know my friend and his habits so I thought for sure we were busted but we kept our heads. we tried to nonchalantly brush off the leaves and then the cop came to the window and asked what we were doing and why we weren't in school. I told him that I woke up late for school and I called my friend to give me a ride and we just stopped to smoke a cgarette. He asked my friend why he wasn't already at school and he told him he was going to community colledge now which is totally true but he asked him a bunch of questions and flipped him a bunch of shit and then went back to his car. About a minute later another cop rolled up behind us and I thought for sure we were fucked. The popcan was right outside my door. The cop came back to the window about five minutes later and said we could go. PHEW!

    I thought I was slick but then when I got to school the cop was just l;eaving the attendance office and the attendance lady knows my dad and I thought for sure I was looking at some in school suspension and a good grounding. She was giving me the mean eye too but when I walked up sh4e asked me what I was doing and I told her the same thing and she wrote nme an excused pass and said dont let it happen again. Talk about the luck ;)
  10. Reminds of a certain close call of mine...

    I was tokin it up out of my bathroom window with a homemade bong. I have to carry it through the corridor to get it back to my room, but I decide I'll probably want some more smoke in a little bit, so instead of risking two extra bong laden trips, I leave it in a cupboard in the bathroom on top of some towels. However, I don't realise that the mother is in the middle of ironing. I just walk out of my room to go for another bong when the mother comes out into the corridor with a handful of freshly ironed towels! So I blurt out "I'm just going to the toilet, I'll take these." I grab the towels and successfully avert disaster!

    However, my brother left the same bong on his bedroom floor about a week later and the mother nicked it.

  11. lol unlucky

  12. Yeah, that's the second time she's done that. New Roor in the post though, no way is she gettin' that!
  13. Last November or so, three of my friends and myself were smoking in my room, figuring that my step dad would be gone hunting for the majority of the day. As we were hitting the bong, I saw him pull in. I'm like, shit my dad's home! Clean everything up! I sprayed febreeze everywhere and hid the bong. The room stunk, and we went to the kitchen next to the door to lead him away from my room. Not realizing he was in the house, I asked my friends if they need visine, probably loud enough that he heard. He didn't say anything, except that he did get a deer. We all left as soon as we could.

    Anyway it was a pretty close call, but luckily for me, he used to smoke pot and I think he still does when he can get his hands on it.
  14. Dude something like this happened to me like 3 months ago my sis got back from college and was havin a party and me and my friend stayed up all nite tokin and shit and then in the morning my mom comes home and yells at me for blowin stuff up and then she comes in my room and right under her on top of my coffe table is my glass piece all filled up with bud i was so friggin scared that was my closest call.

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