Closer grow! 150 watt HPS, BubbleBucket!

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  1. Keep vegging her! I snapped off a branch like that once and she ended up being a big ass healthy bush.

    Next time for LST I recommend using mason line. You can get it for under $10 at a hardware store. Also you don't want to tie around the branch because it will grow and cut into the branch (as you witnessed)
  2. Have you tried to re cut the fallen branch and tried to clone it? If its an auto, it would continue on the Same age path it was on and if it was reg then it'll grow into another plant :p

    At least it's a way to get the most out of whatcha lost
  3. ***Update*** been busy.

    Ok so after that fuck up with slicing my plant it slowed for a few days but has started showin plenty of new green growth


    Sorry for the far pic, I'll post more after work.

    Changed res Wednesday I think. No more ph problems
    5.6 PH
    950PPM And lovin it
    76 degree room

    1 Week 2 days of 12/12
  4. Update:


    I would love to go in and clean out some fan leaves
    I went in last week and cut about 6 off. Since then 2 other branches have came to the top but I see some areas are still covered
    Can I go in and get rid of some?

    Week 3 and 1 day of flower
    5.6 PH
    1100 PPM
  5. I never understand why you people cut off leaves?!?!?!
  6. You cut them off because they are blocking the lower leaves and doing so in outrages growth of the lower branch buds as well as the top. After you start flowering, you can trim a ton of fan leaves off. In fact it makes for better buds. Look at some tutorials as I'm no expert. Here is what little I can explain. Stems will grow with two fan leaves. If one of them is blocking say 1 or more lower fan leaves, then you cut it off. It still has another leaf. Now during flower, I've seen people take off all leaves and just keep the buds. I cut off about 10% during veg and work my way up slowly so the plant can adjust.

    Note never to do this to autos as it will only slow down growth and take away from yield. Only do it to autos if the leaves are messed up, dying or diseased.

    All here IMO btw. Just what works for me.
  7. I got a lot of fan leaves blocking some out right now
    I've been slowly cutting of 3 or so every few days
    I've seen much better growth, I now have 4 branches that are all even at the top absorbing the light
    Gotta move it up tomorrow a few inches
  8. Yeah. They are growing because more leaves are getting light when one big fan blocks five guys under it. It's plant love baby
  9. i disagree but to each his own. Best wishes :)
  10. Haven't posted in quite some time

    She's looking great, I'm at work so I'll post pictures later
    Buds everywhere it seems but hey it's my first grow

    PH 5.3 constant
    1200 ppm
    78 degrees

    The buds should get thicker over the next few weeks right? We're on week 6 now.
  11. 5.3 is a little low for constant use. Hopefully it swings back up soon.

    78 degrees what? room? res?

    bud growth depends on sativa/indica dominance and how long they grow
  12. Yes room temp
    5.3 for the past few days
    Ph upd it to 5.6
    Res temp is 70
    She's looking beautiful to me



  13. Nice my man.Why are there those dark lines in the photos?It happens to me sometimes aswell
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    I think the light
    I will take pics outside of the light next week when I do a res change and take nutes out slowly til done

    Also what should I purchase? Another 150 HPS or a 175w MH for my next plant/or clones. Whichever I get?
    Input please :) thanks!

  15. HID lights make the lines. They flicker from a single point light source providing a shimmer that we cant really see because it happens so fast. If you take a picture fast enough the pic will either not have them at all or will be completely dark! (or so im told by a photog)
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    All I have in my closet is a 97 watt hydrofarm thing and a 63 or 64 watt cfl.At any rate Id probably go with the metal halide but Im not all that expirenced.I have grown with only hps the whole way through and it worked though.

    I need a dehumidifier and more lighting and a better fan.This is fun

    I use a phone if that matters or not.Also on my plants(the two bigger ones)should I take of the lower branching?I have that side lightnon them and rotate them every few days.

  17. may I ask (with respect) how you have so many posts but so little experience?
  18. Ive posted alot in other parts of the furom.Alot of my posts are in general,real life section, and pandoras box when we could talk about other drugs.Ive been a member here since 2008 my friend.
  19. thank you for not being a virus :)

    so what do you mean about lower branches and cutting them off?
  20. Ive been reading alot about how the lower branches make small buds and they compete for energy.I lstd the bigger ones but one of the plants was topped and the main stem wasnt lstd like it should have been.Therefore there are some very streched out branches.Internode lengthnis embarrasing to say the least.

    Also they are pretty thick so I think taking out some unerlying growth would help but I dont want to make a mistake.Things have been going good so far Im getting lucky it seems.

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