Closer grow! 150 watt HPS, BubbleBucket!

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  1. Started to lst, never done this.




    Am I doin it right? I tied the top down to one side and tied down some branches to open the smaller ones to more light
    I'll lst for a week or so and then I'm gonna start flower
  2. its a llittle early to be doing that :) but one tie on top node is a good start. the other 2 arent necessary
  3. ***update***
    Ok so today is day 19
    She's looking great other than some lower leaves yellowing in tips and side, not too worried as the new growth is looking very healthy


    I am thinking of flowing her this weekend and tying her down as she grows to get the mode possible yield

    76 degrees in closet
    Ph 5.5
    500 PPM

    Where can I buy reflective Mylar tape? I can't find it -_-
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    Lowes or something there is somethin called aluminum tape. It's basically exactly what it's called. Just don't buy the thin shit unless you want to spend three hours being put in with crap that tears way easy.

    I forgot cause I'm high lol but what is that again? I went back reading but vaping and reading is... Time consuming... Btw when you're seeding in cubes, leave em in the humidity dome longer until they get a lil taller and they will shoot off faster with roots and can avoid the first problem from before. The problem with it dryin up, 20 on a good humidome with mat and just keep water in the bottom about half an inch or so then throw up some cfls when they pop for a day or two then the roots will be all pakow for the water lol.

    Damnit forgot again. Does your res temp still go to 75? If so, or even if not, get a product called aqua shield. Keeps your roots ass healthy and protect against rot that can happen. That's not horrible high but high enough to possibly have to worry about it. It's cheap too and don't need to use the recommended serving on it unless you think you may be getting it.
  5. Just noticed new growth has yellow spots forming.. What could it be?

  6. are the pointed tips of the leaves yellowing or are they spots toward the middle?
  7. Spots in the middle
    Ph and Ppm stay steady so idk what's going on
  8. when was your last res change?
  9. Last Friday
  10. then youre do. Hows your res temp? what did you get it down to?
  11. I put a frozen bottle in and it lowered to 71
  12. not good enough. you gotta get those temps down or your roots WILL suffer!!!! this will DESTROY your grow. Seriously THIS should be your goal for the next 24 hours :)
  13. Make sure no light can reach into the res and get some aqua shield. Shit is cheap and keeps your plants from gettin root rot

  14. aqua shield is no cure all to replace proper plant care and also is not proven to prevent root rot
  15. That was more as an addition not a solution but a preventive measure in case it does get too high which is about 75 is where you really start heading into deep waters.

    And it hasn't been proven not to but unless you have somethin you think is better, it certainly doesn't hurt.
  16. Fuckin came how and my sewing thread just decapitated my plant
    Upper node and a new growth sliced right off
    Will she be fine?
    Switching to flower

  17. image-1404023175.jpg

    Here's a better pic? She won't hermie will she?
    I'll be upping nutes fairly soon, she's starting her 12-12 tonight at 7pm
  18. I wouldn't throw it into flower... looks like your line cut it in more than half. I would veg for a few more weeks to recoup what you loss. The two most top branches might grow out as if the plant had been topped but this looks more like a huge F.I.M

    ~Good Luck
  19. I lost about a quarter and I appreciate the suggestion but still goin to flower
    Im getting a new light and some clones after this first grow as gonna start SOG style grows
  20. That suuucckkkssss. Like the plant saying it didn't want to live anymore lol

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