Closer grow! 150 watt HPS, BubbleBucket!

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  1. put that pump on a timer! it will save energy and help the roots be strong, these plants arent meant to be sitting in water and theyll grow faster with aerated roots :)
  2. She's looking beautiful! Second set of leaves are comin in
    Just started her on a low nute solution. 150 ppm
    3 ml of flora micro, 6 ml of flora bloom
    I will be watching her over the next few hours to make sure she's fine !
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    Let me rephrase :smoking: I leave the pump on all the time but it has a mist adapter thing on it and its a very small pump cause I like the nutes n stuff to get all spritzed and I like to think they like it :D then I have a 300 gallon air pump with 10 air stones runnin with the res temp at about 65 and air temp around 75. Anyways, I like to leave my res a wee bit lower than normal and have the mister on them. With all the bubbles for just two plants, they tell me they like it. Lol

    I was so sad today when I woke up cause my ph locked out my nutes and my new leaves were all light baby poo. Doin better now though. Sorry, I ramble when I'm high. :rolleyes:
  4. Looks like she took the nutes well!


    A noticeable amount of growth from yesterday
  5. Quick update before work



    Shes lookin nice to me!
    I noticed on the right single leaf that the tip Is slightly brown
    What could this mean?
    Just noticed today and tried to get it in those pics.

    Ph 5.5
    150 PPM
    79 degrees.
  6. I need some help, I see that the sides of my 3 fingered leaves are curling on the sides
    I figured it was due to heat because the plant was 6 in away from light so I moved it to 9 inches



    How is she looking for day 13?
  7. what is 79 degrees?
  8. The closet temp
  9. so whats the res temp?
  10. My meter reads 23 degrees celsius
    74 F I believe
  11. Update!

    Changed out the res today, added new water and new nutes.
    Ppm now set to 200
    I'll see how she responds after work
    She's on her 4th node
    76 in closet
    Ph 5.5
    I'll throw a pic up after work
  12. image-4211573171.jpg

    There she is on day 14
    Is no one going to help me on the edges of fan leaves curling?
    My first 5 finger leaves are showing slight signs of that
  13. increase nutes if leaves are as light green as they look in pics. reduce res temp. May be poor uptake from root damage or not enough of what the plant needs. Room temp is fine at 76. Use reflective mylar to get res temp down.
  14. image-1344844959.jpg

    This is what it looks like out of hps light
    Is it really more nutes?
    How can I cool the res?
  15. could be dying roots but it looks like it could handle some more nutes. Youre pretty low right now. You could probably triple that without seeing any burn. Cover everything in reflective mylar to get temps down. Making it recirculate and havng a lower res would reduce thermal mass. Remember, the res doesnt MAKE heat, it just absorbes it. Get those temps down, see if you can inspect some roots. increase nutes. and move on :)
  16. K I upped the plant to 500 ppm
    I looked at the roots and they seem fine
    How could they be dying?
    Can I put a frozen water bottle in it?
  17. So after adj the ppm to 500 she's looking great
    No new signs of damage
    The growth yesterday that I noticed the rust spots on, are 3 times the size and new growth coming in looks healthy and green
    I'll update if I notice anything

  18. atta boy :)

    dont forget to cover with reflective mylar

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