Closer grow! 150 watt HPS, BubbleBucket!

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  1. Large plant with small resevoir

    unstable Ph Balance

    Excess light going into res

    something alkaline getting into res
  2. My plant is 1.5 inches
    Using a black bucket with net pot lid on securely

    Not sure what you mean by unstable ph balance? I set it to 5.4
    Not sure what could be gettin into the res
    Bucket lid is always on unless checking ph, just air stone and tube inside water
  3. any chance you sucked drywall dust into airpump?

    or is it new rockwool?
  4. Not sure about the drywall thing
    How can I clean my pump and airstone?
    I washed the hydroton well and presoaked the rapid rooter in 5.2 ph water
  5. How can you not be sure? did you cut any drywall nearby or not? :)

    I choose not to clean airstones since theyre so cheap and last so long but id imagine draining your res from your airline would clean it out pretty well :)

    are you sure the Ph changed? are you sure your Meter is calibrated? how long has it been up and running?

    also do you SEE the bubbles coming out of the airstones? excess co2 caught in suspension will lower Ph
  6. Well I did cut a slab of painted wood out.. Should I vacuum more or somehow clean the pump?

    My ph meter sits in 4.0 solution and I check it before I use it all the time
    And yes the bubbles come out fine..
  7. Just checked it again after 7 hours and it was at 6.2
    Adjusted to 5.5
  8. [quote name='Shwaaaan']Well I did cut a slab of painted wood out.. Should I vacuum more or somehow clean the pump?

    My ph meter sits in 4.0 solution and I check it before I use it all the timeQUOTE]

    maybe there was something in that cut that was an alkaline solution. Is your Ph jumping that fast anymore?

    why is your meter sistting in 4.0 solution? they make a storing agent for Ph meters. Mine stays in the res but its a 24/7 one
  9. Mines a handheld one.
    I found if I didn't keep it in a 4.0 solution it becomes Innacurate
    Well after my last post up until 20 mins ago it raised .6
    Adjusted to 5.4
  10. yeah thats way too fast unless you have a bunch of plants in a tiny res :)

    whats your source water?
  11. The roots aren't even in the water yet haha
    So far I think it's my hydroton.
    I have the water about an inch in to get roots to come down
    About to drop the water level to an inch below
    Is that good?
  12. as long as the bubbles are splashin up enough to wet things. I prefer RDWC for this reason, res level doesnt matter
  13. **Update**

    Ok so I hand watered this morning and just got off work, she is lookin great to me! PH issue solved, it was due to the hydroton in water.
    Steady 5.5 for 18 hours.
    Roots have not hit the water
    Here she is :


    How is she looking for day 4?
    When should the roots hit the water?
  14. too many variables to matter about roots. Didnt know this was a brand new grow. Couldve just saved some time. Good luck :)
  15. Still c99
    Vanilla Kush died

    Is she looking good?
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    Another quick update

    I'm only updating due to a long ass root now in the water! :D It wasn't there this morning!
    Here it is

    View attachment 1093815

    Do I stop top watering now?

    When do I add a low nute strength?


  17. Dude.. You don't need to add any nutes yet. Maybe some root strengthener but if you do add anything, put in like one forth strength. How old is that again? I use a water pump continuously pumpin water on my germ cube about halfway up on it. Keep your res water cold, the water level barely touching the basket and if you don't have a water pump, use some water to keep the cube it's in moist like twice per day till roots hit water then you can stop if you want. I just leave my ware pump going all the time on em. Keep res water cold and have lots of bubbles.
  18. Also, start low mute strength a week or two in. Your choice. One forth then half then so on. Build it a week at a time.
  19. Never said I was gonna add but thanks for answering !
    She is 5 days since she opened
    New leaves are starting to grow
  20. dont add nutes until baby leaves start to shrivel and leaves start lightening in color with ph at 5.5-5.8

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