Closed-Minded Christians.

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  1. This is a video I found that perfectly exemplifies the closed-minded Christians in the world. They have gone so far as to naming this "church" the Church of Oprah. Just because Oprah opened her mind to new age spirituality and thinking, Christians are now labeling her as the anti-christ and her endorsement of Obama as occult. Now not all Christians are like this, a most that I know are not like this, but this is just an example of closed-mindedness and this can be practiced by any religion.
  2. everyones closed minded when it comes to their religion... their religion is right n thats all there is too it, atheists are the same way with their lack of religion

    agnostics are about the only open minded people when it comes to religion

    i know i'm pretty closed minded when it comes to religion, but i know shit about a buncha religions so i'm not ignorant in my closed mindedness at least

    thinking oprah is the anti-christ isnt really closed minded, its just being overly religous
  3. Well, I think that it is true that a lot of people from both religious and atheist backgrounds, and that agnostics are more open than normal, but not all of those who are religious are closed minded, same for atheists. I'm a christian, but I don't think that the bible was the exact way everything happened/will happen. Heck, I don't even believe that jesus wasn't just a metaphor for the word of god, and the banning/risng of said word. Idk, but I have a strong faith in God, so I choose Christianity. If something else happened disproving my ideas, I would consider agnosticism/atheism, depending on what the info was. I enjoy debating, but please, don't just label certain groups with labels, its not right or civil, at all.
  4. We're all entitled to our opinions. In my opinion, these people are dangerous and ignorant and should be branded and dis-enfranchised at the same time. LOL. Then renditioned to Devil's Island after being sterilized so they can't breed there.
  5. Oh man! That would be AWESOME! I'm not even going to lie, lol. I mean the closed minded assholes that force religion on everyone, it really pisses me off. I can understand missionaries going just to help people out in other countries, but I hate that they push Christianity on others, it's retarded.

    See, even us more easy going and open christians usually hate when the closed minded ones whine about all of their retarded ideals and shit. It's very frustrating, because it makes us look like dumbasses, and it isn't cool at all.

    Lol, sorry, I'm a bit high right now, lol. I might post once again before I log for the night
    depends on if I can get more weed or not, lol.
  6. If anything, I meet more closed minded/fervent atheists honestly. Everytime something about God comes up they generally just have to make some comment and/or go off into a rant. It's aggravating, especially since I'm the kind of guy that will at least listen to what they have to say. And they don't ever want to be civil about it. If you're going to try and convince me of something at least be cool.

    You don't believe in God. Wonderful. Quit acting like someone pissed in your cheerios and take a soma, I'm trying to watch the damned movie.
  7. I agree, I am an Athiest, but I am constantly arguing with Athiests about how the way they ferverently push thier a-religous philosophy is illegitamely purported.

    And to the original OP, everyone has their form or manner of close-mindedness. Even if it is far more subtle, and less consuming, it is still close mindedness concerning ideas that they were raised to believe/disbelieve things about.
  8. You could say that all christians are close minded, but then I could say that all stoners are stupid.
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  10. I did not say all Christians are closed-minded. I just used them as the main example. Closed-mindedness can be said about every religion.
  11. For the record - I totally agree with Oprah on this one and I think what she is saying is beautiful - she's really grown into a very wise woman :)
  12. Even organized atheism.
  13. Even agnostics are close minded. They close their minds to all of religion's influence.

    We as induviduals will all believe what we choose. Wheather or not that belief means our destruction
  14. I didn't even click the link or read the other responses.

    People are so quick to jump on the close minded Christians... so quick to focus only on the bad.

    But when do people ever acknowledge the good side of the spectrum? Not very often.

    I find it incredibly hard to believe that people are so quick to complain, bitch, and gripe about radical close minded Christians - without even batting an eye at the extremely close minded, and ultimately hypocritical liberals who are just as much of a nuisance as these Christian right-wingers you're bashing.
  15. Incredibly well said. :hello:
  16. As I stated above, I am just using Christianity as an example. I will be EQUALLY quick to complain, bitch, and gripe about radical close minded Atheists, Jews, Muslims, Jehova's Witnesses, and the list goes on. In a nut shell, my point is that we live in a world in which every single individual is different and we as inhabitants of this planet and as members of a global society should be open and accepting of those who choose to use their free will and beliefs on whatever they choose. Period.
  17. Hmmm...sounds mighty closed-minded to me.

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