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    So I haven't grown anything in like 4 years, the last time I did a grow I took over on 4 week old plants. Seedlings are a totally new ball game with me.

    Originally when I had these guys seeding this indica popped a huge Taproot overnight. Now it's leaves look bizarre and it hasn't grown in 2 days. I looked up several troubleshooting post and I honestly can't match this to anything. It doesn't have any discoloration. I don't know what to think. I haven't seen any bugs whatsoever, the roots look good, it's being treated exactly the same as all of the other plants and they are all doing fine.

    What type of medium; soil or hydro? Soil
    What brand and type of soil? Fox farms ocean forest
    Indoors or outdoors? Indoor
    What strain? Generic Indica
    How old are the plants? Sprouted 8/21
    What type of lights and how many watts? Led 1100 veg
    How far from the lights? 18 inches
    What is your watering frequency and source of water? I accidentally watered them for 2 days but they're fine now, I water when almost dry. Bottled spring water with no added minerals because my local water is weird
    What, how much and when was it fed? NPK? One round of diluted GO box 50% recommended strength of each item on the schedule for week 1
    What are the temps and humidity in the room? 75-77°, low humidity
    Any bugs? No


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  2. Ehh, just let it grow. It’s not too abnormal to have a couple seedlings do something like that.

    It’s just because the seed itself didn’t develop inside properly or got cracked a bit or something. It’s should be fine.
  3. That's a tough one to figure out....All I know is that sometimes I'll get a ' runt in the litter ' too, but they usually catch up later on...
  4. I had several of mine do that specially after I overwatered them at first not knowing any better but I let them go through a 5 day dry out and re watered them and the next morning the leaves weren’t as warped in weird angles anymore.

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  5. Ok, if it doesn't look sick to you I'll leave it alone for another week or so. Maybe it's just focusing on it's roots or something? It's totally bizarre looking, but it was one of my 'freebie' seeds so I wasn't expecting much.

    Thanks guys.

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