Closed Growing Environment 10x12x8 Air Circulation question

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  1. Greetings all,

    I have a current grow

    but I'm suuuuper sick of dealing with a low ceiling in an attic (room within a room scenario), watering on my knees, not being able to get to the back of my plants, etc.

    My roomate is moving out December 1st opening up a 10x10x12 space that I want to seal up tight as hell. I ll be building 2 small walls to enclose the entry making a buffer room. I want to have the room split in 2, using Panda Wrap most likely, making a slightly larger veg room to house a mother clones and 2 trays, and a seperate flower room with 2 - 1000w HPS. The interior will be heavily insulated and air fucking tight.

    My equipment:

    Roots Organics Nutrients and Soil (25% Perlite addded)

    2 - 1000w Hortilux HPS in air cooled XXXL hoods (flowering)

    2 - 600w MH in air cooled XXXL hoods (Veg)

    2 - 6" inline 445 CFM fans drawing outside air through hoods and exhausting into the attic

    8" inline 755 CFM exhaust fan with large carbon filter to scrub the interior air

    24000 BTU Split AC (still shopping around)

    4 - 3x3 trays, several oscillating fans

    50 pint dehumidifier

    My issue...

    I want to share the air between the rooms, as I will be running the split AC unit and only want to have one wall unit for the entire op. I'm renting and the room will only be up and running for 8 months before it is moved to another location, so doing as little damage to the walls and such for running the AC is what im lookin for. Additionally, the cost is much higher for a dual unit so Im trying to do this with one AC wall unit.

    Anyone try this setup? I have experience and know what i want to do with the space, but this sharing the air concept is new to me. I'm looking for advice from experienced heads who are running something similar.

    Should I even attempt this, or just bite the bullet and put in the dual unit?

    All your advice is most appreciated.

    Shoooooot the mooooooooooon...



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