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closed eye visuals?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by trash weed, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. Apologies ahead of time if there is a topic about this, the search tool does not work on my phone.

    Okay so this past Friday was my schools homecoming dance (yes it is possible to be 18 in high school), and I went to my friends for a party afterwords. For about an hour and a half to two hours, I was tokin non stop and finished about a 1/4 of some pretty good stuff to my face.
    A little later when we all decided to cash, I closed my eyes and I felt like I was having like a lucid dream, but I was seing like random ass people say random ass things. But a few mins later, all I could see when my eyes were closed was like black and white checkered tunnels, and those weird trippy morphing tie dye pictures that are always associated with 70's music... what the hell was going on? Because I fucking loved it.
  2. You smoked enough to get closed eye visuals. It depends on the person, but for me they are quite common at night. And also when I listen to music.
  3. Cool! My friends that smoke (but not as much as me) told me I was dumb, but I was like nah that really happened. It was like 2:30 a.m by the way
  4. i thought i was the only one that got this. Even though i blaze every day, and have a huge tolerence, it happens every time i get super baked
  5. It scares me how much this describes the visuals I've had...
  6. Haha that's pretty straight. And yeah trippin? What are they like? Personally the checkered and patterned winding tunnel wal the coolest thing ever, I was just flying through it.
  7. I LOVE when this happens. Normally only happens for me when I'm home alone, its dark out, I just toke up. And lay down. Not go to sleep. Just lay there with my eyes closed and think. I "see" what im thinking. And its always the words im thinking of popping up in different fonts and colors, as I'm thinking them. If that made sense.
  8. i do that every night when going to bed. smoke alot, turn off lights, lay in bed while listening to music. love it.

    also, I like to get very blasted and turn the lights off and wave my phone around. the light trails are so awesome! lol hours of fun
  9. I get those every once in a while. I love them, there a real experience.

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