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Closed-Eye Visuals

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by AreYouExperienced?, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. Last night, I smoked an enormous blunt with two other friends. It was basically the size of a normal cigar. It had two very potent strains in it. I have never smoked a blunt that big. Anyways, it just made me way too high. My heart is beating noticeably fast, and when I close my eyes, I have intense closed-eye visuals. It's hard to explain, but I feel like I have greater access to my brain, because it's like my brain is creating images from all the stimuli I've collected in my lifetime, and my memories. So it's doing something similar to what happens when you dream. But the images aren't simple shapes and patterns, but vivid images. I have no control over what I see. They're stream of consciousness images. A lot of the time, One image will get really small and replicate itself like a thousand times so I see a bunch of copies of the same image in my mind, almost like a tile wallpaper on a computer. I might see a pyramid, or an ocean, or a random person's face that I know, or some random object. It's like my brain has access to everything it's ever seen, and is creating images with it. It seems like I'm seeing every thought as it's happening. I've had CEVs several times, usually from potent edibles or blunts. Am I highly sensitive to weed? I've been smoking for just under two years. Should I stop? When I get really high, these images flood my brain along with crazy epiphanies. It's like I'm accessing a higher level of creativity. I don't know anyone else who experiences these effects, which makes me think I should just quit cold turkey. I've hallucinated off edibles before as well. Maybe I should just take less hits. I've also begun to realize that I'm getting anxiety almost every time I smoke, with an increased heart rate as I mentioned. Any thoughts? Sorry for rambling, but I'd like some advice here. And if anyone has had similar experiences, I'd be interested in hearing them.
  2. Sounds like a lot of weed in one sitting. Ibyetestinf

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  4. I think you just need to cut it down on the dosage a lot. I used to smoke way more than my tolerance level every session and would get like that occasionally. I have closed eyes visuals pretty frequently and they are absolutely wonderful to experience. I've seen patterns and real objects. Real objects when I'm super stoned.
  5. weed is a mild psychedelic.

    in high doses of potent bud then you can hallucinate. some people are more sensitive to the psychedelic side of weed
    (if you have tried unmentionables then weed is a lot more hallucinogenic)

    Ive smoked a eighth of dank durban poison with a homemade bong in one go and i thought my eyes were open when they were closed, had tracers etc.

    a lot of people say you cant trip off weed but the ppl who say that are the same kind that smoke dirt and call it loud

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  6. A lot of people (myself included) can't smoke a heavy sativa strain without freaking out, maybe you're one of those people. Try an indica or an indica dominant strain, I never get paranoid or anxious when I smoke that.
  7. excatly only experienced smokers should smoke a 100% sativa

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  8. You smoked too much, probably cause you were trying to keep up with your friends. I've had similar experiences when moving from a THC 20% to THC +30%. My bad trips were all on Indicas though, most people seem to associate it with Sativas, everyone's tolerance and body are different. I've cut way back on frequency and amount smoked. I smoke about every 2 or 3 days and now one bowl will get me real high without getting super stoned. I tend to think of the scale as going buzzed, high, stoned, and finally totally baked. Sounds like you were baked.

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