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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by rebelquietly, May 15, 2004.

  1. How do you take such close pictures of your bud. When my camera gets close enough to get all the magnification I want it goes out of focus. Here's an example of the best picture I can take:

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  3. Macro lens is were its at! Your camera may have a macro feature, check your book. Other than that, I dont know.
  4. use the focus...
    you might also want to take off that hair that is on your bud-the human kind...
  5. if ur camera doesnt have macro, try turning off the auto focus and doing it manually. If that doesnt work, take the pic at the highest resolution u can then use something like paintshop pro to zoom in and clip the image down to just the bud.
    If that doesnt work, take your bud along to the local police.. the forensic science lab will love it and take lots of close-up shots for you..... then you can post them on here in 5 yrs when you get out. :p
  6. o god i love it^^^
  7. i can get extreme close ups because i use a 1200 dollar cannon elura 50 instead of a shitty quickcam
  8. ^^^

    You got ripped off if you dropped $1200 on a Canon Elura 50. You can get them for $500 all over the internet.

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