close up **PICS OF ICE* 7 days before harvest

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by scorpionking12, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. check it out.

    nutes: envy A B connoisseur A B

    600 W HPS

    i am at the end of my first grow. they are flushing now got abou 7-8 days left

    what u think of these huge plants???

    i dont know anything about growing marijuana nor do i grow marijuana. never seen marijuana. i got all this shit off the internet.

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  2. if those really were your plants...

    i'd be proud and excited as hell! nice job, i hope i do as good of a job with the plants that i don't plan on growing
  3. i will be civil and take that as a compliment....thanks
  4. actually....with all the hard work that i have put into these gals.....i cant be you go...

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  5. t'hahah.. i enjoyed that thoroughly..

    nice grow broski. *slobbers* :smoke:
  6. nice i can only wish mine turns out like that
  7. HAHA..looking very ver ynice
  8. haha damn looks pretty damn nice. haha and they look like they are very much yours too hahaha

  9. Perfect response, way to have class and shove it in the other guys face.

    +rep for the fantastic looking ladies.
  10. thanks guys...
  11. Um, I can't be the only one here to think the guy was making a joke in relation to the poster's sig, ie:

    "i dont know anything about growing marijuana nor do i grow marijuana. never seen marijuana. i got all this shit off the internet."
  12. he definitely was... the OP was too high to figure that out himself so he took another pic to contradict his sig..

    either way those ICE look sick, and even if u dont want to admit ownership.. whoever grew those is gonna be in for some good good smoke.
  13. agreed...those sigs are retarded.. if the feds or anyone wanted to bust you a little saying or quote isnt going to stop them if ya want to make sure that wont happen then dont post anything incriminating. knowledge is legal acting on that knowledge is illegal for some people in some areas!
  14. The problem that i see with this post is that alot of growers like to dope their plants up on fertilizers and the plants a in reality larger than the grower, its a little sickening and smoking that shit will definitly make you sick.

    I'd like to see grows with no fertilizer. Other than that, some pictures seem pasted but regardless of my hating its truly an attractive post. GL with your steriods.
  15. Nice plants King!!! I'm into 4 weeks of flowering and I can't wait to see soom bud explosion in the next few weeks. Did you flush just at the end or a couple of times in the growing process. What did you use for nutes I did not nocitce it your post.:smoke:
  16. ok was all a joke....

    they really are not mine. its called photo shop

    just wanted to see.... you know.... what it felt like

  17. ...

    Nice plants to whom ever grew these, Sense the OP Is unbelievable from all the lies in this thread as it is.. :)


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