Close-up Pics: Odd discolorations on my lower leafs - Need expert advice!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by FirstTimeGreen, May 21, 2006.

  1. I'm having a slight problem with my plant. Would any of you experienced growers have any ideas for me?

    Day 9Slight discoloration spots

    Day 12
    The discoloration spots don't seem to be getting out of hand

    Day 16 - Pests??
    I blended 1/2 onion, 2 TBSP of crushed red pepper and 2 large cloves of garlic, strained them and put the resulting juice (with water) into a spray bottle and sprayed the top and bottom of my plant.

    Day 17 - Nitrogen Deficiency?
    I mixed in some Blood Meal into the soil thinking it may be a nitrogen deficiency.

    Day 18 - Need DR's advice
    I am posting this to see if anyone else has had the same problems. The condiiton seems to have gotten worse from Day 12 to Day 18. I'm concerned about the little black trails and of course the yellow. It seems to be only on the bottom leaves.

    Damage 1

    Damage 2

    Top of plant - No damage??

    Grow Journal with full details

    Thank you!

  2. dude ur fine thats just the bottom leaves they can do that, only matters if new growth is good, but ur stems looking pretty weak, i havent seen ne strenght changes in the stem from day 12 -18, id say transplant into bigger pot, though i never seen how big the pot was but i did c that the soil level was maxed out, fill the soil until it reaches the lowest leaves, i can ensure you that you will see changes in a day.
  3. I transplanted it into a larger space. The original growing one was 6" tall and was about 1/2 to 1/3 of a gallon in size.

    The new one is a 2-3 gallon bucket with holes drilled on the bottom.

  4. lol jonstar your nutz man

    it looks like you have leaf minors on your leaves

    did your leaves look like that before you sprayed?
  5. Yes.

    Things seem to be getting worse. I need help in a major way!

    Check the updated grow journal pics:

  6. What type of soil are you using? It almost looks like fert burn a little. It also looks like you spilled something on the leaves. What type of soil, what type of fert and how often you fertilize it?
  7. your doing something wrong, problem is affecting more leafs now so do some changes, use organic soil and i can bet u the problem will go away, but as long as the new growth is looking good and it's out-pacing the problem ur fine.
  8. Hey there, I've been using soil I bought from wal-mart (brand below)

    The grow journal pretty much outlines what I've done. I'm at a loss and am afraid I'm going to lose my plant.

    I haven't spilled anything on the leaves. The leaves have had yellow in them since the beginning. Perhaps it is the soil but the content (see pics in grow journal) doesn't indicate anything out of the ordinary? Well to me anyway. Maybe no one has really looked at my grow-journal?

  9. FirstTimeGreen,
    Your question has already been answered in your grow journal that YOU provided ME. Unoit said you have leaf miners. Then in this thread stitch said you have leaf miners. So let me be the third and least experienced of those two to tell you that you have leaf miners. Here is the link that Unoit gave you:
    May I also suggest just keeping them inside. That will hopefully solve your infestation problem along with your heat issues. 90-100 degrees is too hot for the plants. Such heat will slow down growth. Hopefully the HPS room does not get to 90 or 100 because if it does you need to get some exhaust in there.
  10. First off, thanks for taking the time to post.

    I bought some pesticide that specifically listed leaf miners as part of its list of pests that it kills. So either I have super-leaf miners or that isn't what my problem is. I've treated the plant for about 10 days and the problem seems to be progressing.

    As stated in my journal, I think the only factor I haven't changed is my soil. I'll be changing it out pretty soon.

    This may be a dumb question but can you flush out the nitrogen that is provided in the soil? The soil I used says it is a "feeds plants up to 9 months" type. Perhaps too high in Nitrogen?

    Again, thanks for the input. Sorry I didn't add that piece of information and making my posts *seemingly* redundant.

  11. BAH. People and their already fertilized soil. You need to Get rid of that soil NOOOOOOOW!

    Find yourself some organic soil, preferably unferted, but no more than 3 month fert. Buy some proper ferts - can get some at this site.

    Your plants are barely salvageable, if not perhaps a waste of time all together. If you want to try and save them, Take them to your bathtub or hose and douse the soil with water for about 3 minutes. Dont run the water too high so that you dont hurt the plant or its roots.

    Let the plant drain for about 5 minutes and repeat.

    Now transplant her into a new pot with the fresh soil I mentioned earlier..... if you dont act now your plants are doomed.

    If it were me I'd start new ones.
  12. I agree with everything Salviasagewise said exept that I would stay away from pre ferted soil all together. If it is time release (which yours is) a flush really won't do anything exept add a possible over-watering in addition to the miners and over-fert problem you already have.
  13. i had two plants this year with strictly yellow leafs right after they sprouted, i thought they were a lost cause, now they are green and growing vigorously, so don't get down on urself about problems, marijuana is very hardy and can bounce back from anything.
  14. I bought some Scotts soil today and transplanted the plant into another pot. I didn't hose it down but there was very little "old" soil left clinging to the roots. I hope the plant isn't a lost cause. The newer growths look healthy as ever!

    The new soil isn't organic, but it has NO nutes in it. We'll see what happens next. I have a few germinated seeds that are just about to sprout (incase this one doesnt' make it).

    Thanks for the advice.

  15. Are you sure about that? Sure that bag of Scotts doesn't say something like: "added phosphrous to stimulate root growth?"
  16. No, you're right. It *DOES* have added phosphorus. 0.0-0.01-0.00 (Pics of soil bag on my grow journal - check signature)

    Compared to the other soil, hopefully this will be a much better alternative.

    I'ma wait it out and see. On a side note, it DID rain A LOT last night so perhaps it got a good cleansing. Also the lower leaves at the nodes are starting to grow more (just in the 24 hrs they've been out of the other soil!) :smoking:

  17. my bottom leaves dried out too and the water leaves... just keep watering it and pray every night...

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