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Close to Harvest - Purple Sugar Leaves?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by bruce6000, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. Is it common for sugar leaves to turn purple towards the end of harvest?

  2. i noticed that my bbhaze turned purple in the last 48hours (dark period). my guess was it got cold. i wanted to build as many trics as possible.
  3. I'd say I have a few more weeks before harvest. Most of the fan leaves are turning a very dark purple, almost blacks, mixed in with some yellow. I've been dealing with mag/cal deficiency this entire grow and have been spraying those leaves with epsom salt to remedy this.

    Do you think the purple could be caused by epsom salts? As far as temps go, lights off are around 75 / lights on 80. I've heard folks say that cold temps induce purples, but 75 isn't that fucking cold.
  4. potassium def maybe.... although depending on your strain you can get really vibrant purples whe i grew my g daddy purps it was almost all purple looked pretty amazing and it wasnt n e thing to worry about as it was just a trait of the strain it depends on what strain your growing??

    try my nute diagnoses table to help u out:

    Mr B's A&E - For all your Budding needs....

    maybe this might help u get a better picture of what is happening...
    otherwise post up some pictures then we will beable to help you out more...

    as for the cal/mag stop with the salts find a sparkling mineral water with high traces of calcium and mg i found one at my local supermarket its has all the info even the ph and is only 36p for a 2litre bottle works a charm and has the added benefits of all the minerals see how this works for u i finely mist my plants 4 times daily it works a charm i had a cal/mag deficiency it sorted it out in 3 days flat.

    wats ur ph run off? and medium u are using?
  5. did i say potassium:D i meant phosphorus:hello: damn dyslexia get things confoooosed sumtimes that mixed with being stoned :smoke: lol
  6. I'm gonna sound really stupid now, but I'm not sure what strain it is. I also never thought about measuring the ph run off- that's going to be on my list for the next time I water which should be coming up in a few days. As far as the medium goes- Compost-EWC-rabbit manure. Here's a pic. It's kind of hard to make out, but you can see that the lower leaves are a very dark purple.

  7. Not to be a downer, but that plant doesn't look like it's ready to harvest.
  8. Well, wether or not its ready to harvest is one thing...

    In answer to your question, the plant looks magnificent
    and yes, the sugar leaves and secondary leaves can take
    on any hue, like a tree in the fall.

    That look tells u that she is nearing the end of her life, and
    is soon ready to reward u for your efforts.

    Happy smokin.

  9. it needs like another week or 2
  10. Guys, I know she's not ready to be cut down yet. That's why I titled the thread close to harvest- but that could be two-three weeks from now? Most of the trichomes are still clear anyway.

    But regarding the purple leaves- damn glad to hear it's nothing to worry about. :D

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