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close one

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bud stuffer, Apr 1, 2003.

  1. well i had a close call last night. i was sitting in my dorm room smoking a bowl, i had incense burning a towl under the door. i went to the bathroom and forgot to put out the incence, it leaked out into the hallway. so about five minutes later i hear a knock on my door, i have crap all over my room empty baggies, one with some weed in it in plain view, i hid the stuff i notice and get to the door quick, you don't want to keep them waiting that arouses suspicion. the RA's came into my room and i kept them talking and paying attension to what i was doing not to the stuff around them. i had to give them my incence which was right next to my pot. luckily they are blind or something, i should have caught it then. but i got them out of my room with out seeming pushy and no worse off.
  2. That was close. I'm glad you didn't get busted, dude!!! That would have sucked. Just be careful...if you get kicked out of school, I'll personally kick your ass! ;)

    I used to burn incense on campus when I was getting high and you could smell it all through the area outside. I had security come out once but I wasn't getting high at the time. I told them that I just really dug incense so I made sure I always had it burning whether I was getting high or not so I had no more problems.
  3. Phew, good one budstuffer. Getting caught woulda sucked. I almost got caught today because my friend didnt want us to smoke in her car...I dont know why, we always do. So, we went to the locak town park and sparked a blunt outside of the car and just stood there. Park security came over and started bustin our balls but we were done by the time they got there so they didn't know we smoked. They were just being asshole wanna-be cops.
  4. Geez! That was a close one! I bet it taught you a lesson! :) You'll be stashing that shit all over your dorm now! I got caught with a bowl by the cops a couple of weeks ago... I still haven't heard anything from them, I hope I don't. I got caught with a bowl and some weed once before, it's not fun... Not only do they take your smoke and smoking utilities, they put you in jail too! ugh.
  5. lady luck favoures the well prepared
  6. luckily my room is a mess at the moment, so i guess my pot stuff just looked like everything else. i blamed the incence on acount of my room smelling, it doesn't smell bad, it just needs to be cleaned. but that worked to my advantage.
  7. I keep my weed hidden. And my RA is cool so he wouldnt write me up. We're not allowed to have candles or incense in our rooms. That's some BS. Oh well, it's easy enough to get rid of the smell without it.
  8. getting caught in general sux :(
    wish they'd realize weed helps me study! :)
  9. Good thing you didn't get caught man cuase bein on randoms by the court sucks dude.. :smoke:
  10. Yeah i wish i could have incense in my room. It owuld make puffin a lot easier. Well I guess thats why they give everyone there own bathrooms
  11. you guys get your own bathrooms!

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