close friend committed suicide yesterday

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  1. I woke up this morning and learned about it. I thought about it all day and man there is just nothing to be done

    I loved the dude and I am so sorry. Sorry for being a part of the problem and sorry for being a fucking asshole recently. I keep wondering when this will end and when I'll be able to talk to him about the whole thing like usual but that day is not coming man

    man there is alot of pain out there
  2. my condolences...
  3. i'm sorry man. you dont have to answer this if you dont want to but was there any specific reasons of why he did this?
  4. Very sorry to hear that dude. Dont let the guilt get to you though.
  5. I had a close friend also commit suicide. The only thing you have to remember is it was his choice. You will never know what his true reasons were. Just gotta keep living and remembering the good times not the bad ones.
  6. I dont know what is reasons could have been... from any outside point of view his life was going great. Id never have expected this like I would with some people
  7. It seems to be the ones you least expect
  8. Im sorry for you man. Just remember life goes on.
  9. He no longer suffers now. I feel for you, might want to steer clear of substances for a bit. That's rocky ground your treading.
  10. I went through the same thing a few months ago, if you want to talk, im here for sure. Very sorry to hear it, things will get better slowly, not that there aren't bouts of sadness now and then after.

  11. Yeah thats the first thing I thought...

    All I can say is that it's hard to even comment on the situation and give any insight because it just doesnt make any sense. It makes so little sense that It almost doesnt feel real. Imagine your best friend whos not exhibiting any warning signs and who you have no worries about right now. Now imagine waking up to hear they killed themself...

    I cant even tell what I should be saying. I wish somehow there was someway this was not a suicide because its too confusing... I wish this dude just knew it didnt have to end at age 20
  12. you're probably not the main cause, but what did you do to him recently?
  13. Damn dude. I'm sorry. Nothing can really help your pain though but time man. Don't beat yourself up over it man. It wasn't your fault. All you can do now is be there for his family and they'll be there for you in return.
  14. yea bud, you can think 'wow maybe he wouldve had a change of heart if he waited like 5 minutes and actually thought it through'

    you should grieve for a little while, but in the end youre only hurting yourself if you let it get to you to the point that you cant function.

    catch yourself
    live the life he couldnt

  15. The last few times we were supposed to hang shit fell through on my end. Once because I was out of town and once just because I forgot to respond to him. I cant help but feel like if he knew I legitimately wanted him around hed have had ONE thing to live for... instead of feeling like no one gave a shit wether he lived or died.

    Im definitely not the main cause, just possibly a player in the larger scheme
  16. sorry for your loss man, i will keep you and your friend in my prayers tonight
  17. Hey I know your pain man. A close friend commited suicide in september and there was a lot of pain and regret.there still is but the pain will eventually get smaller.its a hard process but it gets easier as time goes on.I hope all goes well even though it seems hopeless at the moment.
  18. damn that deff sucks op a couple of kids that i knew from school got in a car accident.
    the driver(friend had lunch with him all last year) died on impact the car flipped an hit a tree. 4 people total 1 other is in icu brain surgery collapsed lung an broken ribs.other 2 not that bad broken legs an about a huge gash on head cause he broke the window to pull one of the kids out of the car 1 of them were only wearing their seatbelts.(one with least injuries)

    yea it is on some no homo shit when we were at school the principal announced it an one of the teachers started crying an that shit made my eyes water
    Foto's van Cody Bigcountry Cole | Facebook
    Foto's van Cody Bigcountry Cole | Facebook
    the one that passed
    he was funny af an had everybody smiling everyday an he was talented af !

    R.I.P Jordan Long ...
  19. my best friend and roomate died of suicide very recently, and what was a main cause was another one of our friends oding the day before. it was so hard. I kinda feel i was apart of it because once we got our apartment his life became engulfed in addiction to a certain drug "drone" and he spent our rent money, and i heard our house was on watch an there was a bunch of shit goin down daily i had to bail. i was angry with him and didnt talk to him for a week and all that shit happened. got his name tatted on my arm forever. i know this is gunna be a tough time for you but know u now have a guardian angel lookin down on you and youll have memories to last a life time. make sure u support anyone who needs help in these times and its good to stay around friends and have some sober fun for awhile it clears the mind and is good to maintain a healthy suport system.

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