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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by PintyHet, Feb 17, 2004.

  1. The other night me and meh friend went to go pick up some green. so we get there and there are like 2 cops patrolling around the dudes apartment..friend runs in to get it anyway then right as he comes out one drives by. they have been past me a couple of times already as i sat there parked in the car. so he gets in and i'm like..cops everywhere we gotta go!. So i back out and right as i do one of them pulls up behind me. we take few turns to try and get out from infront of him cuz we werent sure if he was after us or not.. he followed. 2 other cars that looked to be doing about the same as us ended up in front of us and we were all like ohhh shit. so we get to this little circle type place and the other two cars try to park cuz we all looked pretty suspicious now and block his way in the confusion. we zip off on the other side. right as we get to the stop sign the other cop pulls to us from off to the left. we stop at the sign and he sits there in the middle of the road i'm like..yep we're fuggerd time to get worred. so we pull through then a truck cuts the cop off a bit giving us a bit of time.. i get just down the hill and floor it out of the complex hit the main road and duck behind some sheds at home depot.. he musta taken the other way or not seen us. took the back roads the rest of the way home. thats the closest i've come to getting busted. Any of you have any intersting storries to tell? :)
  2. smokin a bowl in this alley and a cop walked by, looked down the alley, walked in a b it and walked away. we were pretty ripped so there was no way we could made up a story. we were shittin ourselves.
  3. ya so me and my friends are blazin behind these apartments a few days ago, and all of us are hittin some glass pieces, while one of our other friends, who doesn't smoke, was watchin out for us. I guess we were bein hella loud (we were too baked to notice) but this guy is standin on his balcony yelling at us, and throwin shit at us (our STRAIGHT friend noticed) but we still kept on smokin it cuz we were too high to care. but our straight friend convinced us to bounce, he said he had a "feeling" the guy had called the cops. so we ran across the street real quick, and a cop car pulled outta nowhere, and turned into the apartments, and shined his lights out into the bushes like he was lookin for something. HA, my friend threw his bud to me and booked it it (i got a free sack=). i guess the cop saw us running, and he chased after us, but we ran off to this place he couldn't drive into, ha i was hella scared and about to ditch my piece and bud, good thing i didn't, the cop didn't fallow

  4. why didn't he see your plates? was it too dark or something?
  5. ^^^

    well i think they seemed sure they we're gona get them so they proberly didnt bother.
  6. I goto this place every friday and smoke on this trail, well this friday i met my dealer there and he has a car, he said he was wearin good clothes or somethin and didnt wanna smoke on the trail, and he said he knew a perfect spot so we park get out walk around to the back of the truck spark up a bowl and are jus chillin, next thing we know we see a cop like 100 yards away in a mcdonalds parking lot out of his car lookin right at us, hes like get the fuck in the truck, as were backing up we see another cop flying thru this grocerie store parking lot that connect these two roads we were in a lot of the one road and the first cop was in the mcdonalds lot off the other road so he couldnt get to us, so when we see the other cop were pretty much fucked, we get onto the main road a couple seconds before the 2nd cop, we speed up to 90 pop it in neutral and kill the lights when the cop pulls onto the road he doesnt see us so he goes slow then we get to a turn that goes way into some backroads so we put it in drive floor it outta there and turn the lights back on, the cop couldnt find us in the backroads that was the closest i have ever been to being caught
  7. Back roads are your best friends i would recomend learning the area you live in well... saved my life more than a few times now. also if you get pulled over with a sack hide it in yer crack...sick but eh beats jail. Peace =)

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