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Close encounters?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by CannabisMan5000, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. Have any of you had any close encounters while STILL smoking? Like, someone walking randomly into your spot? Or seeing you through a window?

    One time my friend and I went to our usual spot, and when we were done(bong was still out, and I was putting away the weed) when we saw a lady(never seen her in my life) walk up behind us and just stand there with her dogs... It was obvious that she'd seen us trippin the fuck out(awkward?), it was funny, because when we got up and saw her, we said "hi" politely... And she had the look on her face like "I wasn't supposed to see what I just saw" and turned around and left... Never saw her again... Similar encounter about a month later, me and that same friend went to a spot we found in the woods and while I was in mid bong rip a lady(different one), walked around the corner, so I put the bong behind my back and had to hold my hit for like 40 seconds(which was NO BUENO) and the second she left I coughed it all out... It was horrible... But out of both of those times, they never even talked to us, just left with that same bewildered expression XD
    So, any stories people? :bongin:
  2. Well I was just using my mflb one day sitting in my living room and I had just finished a trench. I cleaned everything out and put the avb in my "avb" bag. I then hear a car door slam and I think nothing of it because it was the middle of the day and my dad is normally at work. Well 10 seconds later my dad walks in the door and I put everything on the side of my couch in my living room. Somehow my dad didn't see my mflb tin or this plastic container that I was storing the rest of my weed stuff. However, he did see a battery from my mflb that I left on the couch. He was obviously suspicious, but never found any of my stuff that day. When he left the room I just ran to my room and hid everything. It turned out that it was July 3rd and he got out of work early for the holiday.

  3. That shits crazy lol, good job keepin your cool though XD I would hae had like 5 mini heart attacks instantaneously and died 0.0 XD I don't think my dad would care much though.... Cuz he tokes HELLAAAAAA XD
  4. all the time haha i once had a cop walk up to us in the middle of a j, but it was near the end of the session so my buddy had a black lit up as well. i just kind of slid the still burning j up my sleeve while the cop talked to us, asking us shit about a kid who got lost in the area and if we saw anything(one of the nicer residential areas in town). he just asked us some questions, we answered them real nicely and respectfully and he was on his way. had to be one of those cool cops, cuz the air above the bench we were at was damn hazey
  5. Smoking blunt with 2 friends on a park bench
    Friend sees a cop approaching :hide:
    Friend drops blunt and steps on lit end and fires up a cig
    Talked our way out of it blazed off our asses :ey:
    Proceeded to finish blunt on drive home :smoking:
  6. I was blazing in my house one afternoon when a cop car pulled into my driveway. He got out of the car and started walking towards the door. So I told my buddy to put our stuff away as I ran to meet the cop outside. I met him halfway and spoke to him briefly while luckily freshly stoned. Fortunately all he wanted was to know if he could park in my lot while he visited my neighbor who was on parole... lmao so you never know when you might have to actually function while high.
    P.S. I was also kind of lucky because I smoked out of a bong rather than a joint; so the officer couldn't detect the smell on me by the time we spoke. Not like it would make a huge difference in the end, but you never know who is out to give you a hard time.
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    Got a call from one of my buddies that lives at the other end of my subdivision at 2am, asks if I want to match some bowls with him, I feel up to it so I get ready, bag up a couple grams, make sure I got everything. I just noticed that none of my clothes are clean in my room, so I have to wear the uniform I wore to work that day (black jeans,black shirt) you get the picture, I looked sketchy as fuck if someone were to see me walking around at this time of night, my neighborhood is ran by a lot of elderly fundies so we have to deal with a lot of strict rules. Anyways right about half way on my journey I get stopped by a cruiser, as I predicted unfortunately. The cop car pulls right in front of me, and the officer in the passenger seat gets out. Asked if I lived in the area, I told him the street I live on. normally security around my place usually just sends me off on my way after that because normally cops don't patrol unless they are called out. So I figured I was just really unlucky, plus my attire isn't helping either. Then I start to tell him my story. I could tell he didn't buy what I was saying at all. I was put in cuffs because at the time I didn't have an ID with me, then I was told to wait by the curb of the street. then the driver from the cruiser walks up to the other cop and they exchange some words then the driver comes up to me and instantly remembers who I was, Having no idea who he was, he then told me I waitressed his table when he and his wife celebrated their anniversary at the restaurant where I worked at earlier that day at lunch hour. I told him I was just walking to a friends house, got home from work no key to house. Cuffs were taken off and they gave me a ride to my friends house, let off with a warning. Good thing they never searched me.
  8. In 1971 (yes, you read that correctly), I attended a medical conference with several colleagues in Guadalajara, Mexico. We became friendly with one of the hotel porters and stupidly asked if he might procure bud for us. He eagerly agreed, asked for 100 Pesos (some $8) and told us to meet him in the lobby in an hour. We arrived at the appointed time to a lobby packed with people including a number of police providing protection to the conference. In came the porter carrying a shopping bag, walking through a phalanx of police. He approached us and proudly opened the bag to reveal 2 bricks of bud. We were no more than 10 feet from a cordon of police at the time. Saying nothing, we quickly turned and walked away, leaving the porter standing there. He quickly scurried off and disappeared. We never saw him again.
  9. Back when I was new to smoking socially, a guy I knew told me he could get me some decent weed for nothing. Figuring I had nothing to lose, I told him to go ahead. Sure enough, he comes to the school I was in at the time about two days later with a medicine bottle full of the stuff and gives it to me. I was talking to a friend of mine about smoking some weed later when I found out that day was the day that the drug dogs came. For luck's fucking sake, they didn't enter the classroom I was in, and after school was over, I went with some friends to his house and smoke. We're having a good time, the roommates get a hit or two, all is cool...and then suddenly I hear "Oh shit, the cops are here!" and I freak out.

    So we go outside and the cops are talking about a report saying someone smelled marijuana and asking if they could search the house. My friend who lived there says "sure" and signs the paper - his logic was "if we don't send them away, they won't think there's anything to hide" - and the cops come in and look around. The weed was very badly hidden, there's blunt guts covering some weed in a bucket (we called it "loose-leaf tobacco") and the cops don't find shit...or if they did, they were insanely cool for letting us off the hook (and these were the cops from the asshole part of town, so there's that)...

  10. My underage senses are tingling.. :laughing:
  11. me and g/f were at our usual blunt spot in the middle of this nice trail local to were we live, normally wen we go there, theres usually no one around or maybe 1 or 2 people jogging/mountain biking etc... but theres multiple trails goin everywere so its easy to seclude yourself there, anywho... were standing there smoking our blunt in perfect peace and harmony and wouldnt you know it a lady jogging with her dog just happend to be coming down our trail. I hid the blunt in the palm of my hand as she jogged passed us, we all looked at each other, shared an awkward " hi, how are ya" and we went our seperate ways, prolly not the sketchiest of situations but you never know whos gonna rat you out to the fuzz lol
  12. just last weekend I was in Colorado for vacation. it was like 9am, sitting outside with my buddy smokin a blunt. about half way through it a cop came walking out from the hotel to his car. not even ten feet from us. he looked right at us, and as I had a plume of smoke coming outta my mouth I said good morning. he gave us a second look and just kept walking lol. I knew he smelled weed, neither of us had a cigarette and we were just chillin haha had to look obvious as fuck
  13. It was 2am and I was out front smoking a cig, I had just finished a bong bowl mind you so I was feelin tingly. Anyway, I was staring at the sky, it was pretty clear that night which doesn't always happen. Anyway, I was staring at the sky when I saw these two bright lights dancing with eachother, this is an odd occurrence for me you see. Anyway, I watch these lights dance while fading in and out for only seconds. Then they just disappear. That's the closest encounter I've ever had.

    Maybe I'm high.
  14. My best friend and I one day got really lazy and decided that the normal spot was too far to smoke at, so we smoked at the side of his house and his dad came came out and yelled at us for "smoking lots of crack"
  15. A few years back me and some friends were chilling in a mall parking lot testing out the bong I just bought,and a cop rolled by behind us as someone was hitting it.Needless to say we drove the fuck out of there quick ha ha.

  16. Naw bro, I just gotta be really careful when I toke anywhere, because literally everybody where I live(older folks and some younger kids) frown upon anything, alcohol, drugs.. It sucks, so if someone were to walk in on meh... I'd be fucked, and not to mention, I'm kindof high strung... So even if someone were to walk in on me suddenly when I'm sober, I'd still flip a bit XD
  17. Onetime when I was rather new to smoking green I was leaning out by bedroom window hitting a homemade bong happily. Once I was done, I looked up and saw that my neighbor along with some guests of his were staring straight at me. I was totally oblivious right until I was done.
  18. A couple years ago, my two friends and I were walking to our spot to smoke. It was probably around 11 PM and the spot was like 500 feet down the road, on top of my friends barn. Additionally I was holding a homemade bong with the bowl already packed. So as we were walking there, a cop is driving up the road and slows down as soon as he sees us. I quickly hide the bong behind my back, praying he didn't say anything. Well he asked why we were walking and what we were doing so late at night. Luckily we were on my friends property so he really couldn't so anything. After that, we went up to the barn roof and smoked a nice couple bowls :cool: I miss the days where I could get baked so easily :smoke:
  19. I got pulled over right after I had been smoking my bong while driving. I had a golf bong bag that I put the bong into before the cop hit his lights. He told me I had a suspended license but let me off because he thought I played golf!
  20. Me and a couple friends were driving home from a late night smoke sesh and we kept hitting every single yellow light. Finally by the 5th one my friend was fed up and gunned it through right as we pass a cop waiting for the other light. We quickly through all our shit out the window before he pulled us over. He just kept stick a flashlight in the car looking around but there was nothing. He knew we were baked and said all is good if we were going straight home. :smoke:

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