Close Calls

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Wicked420Klown, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. So this is my first post so please bear with me, i am also attempting to do this with my ps3, lol. So I had a close call with the police today and i thought i should share my story. So im walkin down the street and i feel like lighting up a joint. Well like many of us do, i forget its illegal. Then I see this cop i know coming down the street so i wave hello and keep lighting. He stops me and asks what is that i have. I figured its to late to lie, I respond with, Its a joint, why you wanna hit? He tells me to put it out and give it to him. He takes the joint and puts it in an evidence bag and puts me in the back of the car. The whole time im cursing myself and not watching where were going cause i have a good idea as to where were goin. When we finally stop he lets me out the car and i then relise that were behind the local closed down albertsons store. He lets me in to the front passengers seat, gets back in and passes me my now lit joint. I got to hot box a cop car with a cop!:smoke:
  2. I almost decided to burn a bowl in my dorm room, then my roommate came back!
  3. I almost decided to hot box a police station, but Denzel Washington smoked all my weed
  4. It's a pretty fucking awesome story if it's real. But then again , I'm reconsidering doubting it because I've know a few cops that toke.
  5. You too? Denzel needs to stop stealing everyones weed

  6. Damn man I know, I was smoking a blunt the other day and Denzel jumped out from behind a bush, sucker punched me and stole it :(
  7. Damn, looks like we've all gotten beat by denzel at some point.
  8. I am Denzel, sorry guys... I've been planning on returning all of your weed, and doubling, but then I stole it from myself...

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